Togg’s electric car factory is already a reality: its SUV will arrive in 2023

In just over two years, and with the support of the government and various energy companies in the country, the Turkish firm Togg shows for the first time, and in its entirety, the new factory in which it will produce its electric cars, assuming the culmination of the first phase of its ambitious plan.

Although the location has already produced the first units of its electric cars, these will serve to complete the development of the design program for its first model. As specified by the directors of the brand, if everything goes according to the plans of the Turkish firm, the brand should have received the approval of the European authorities in the first quarter of 2023.

Before, at the beginning of November, they hope to have all the manufacturing processes ready and with it the final design of the production model, which will later serve for the final approval.

The first electric car to come out of the Turkish plant will be a compact SUV whose spy photos sowed doubt weeks ago. At that time the model was photographed in the vicinity of the Continental facilities in Germany, revealing that the specialist will have a great weight in the technical part of the model.

The model will derive from the concept that the brand presented at the end of 2019, and judging by the spy photos that Hybrids and Electrics have previously shown, the model will lose attributes such as the muscularity of the wheel arches, which will subtract aesthetic spectacularity. However, it should not be forgotten that the objective of the companies promoting this project is to be able to offer the public in their country the possibility of acquiring a competent electric car in exchange for a reasonable price.

electric car 10
By dimensions of the test units, Togg’s electric SUV should be a segment B.

Among other technical aspects, Togg has already confirmed that there will be front-wheel drive versions, as well as all-wheel drive, whose powers will be at the levels of 200 hp in the first case and 400 hp in the second. Regarding autonomy, depending on the version, it is expected that with a charge it can travel between 300 and 500 kilometers.

Although at the moment all the attention of the brand is focused on moving forward with the production of its compact electric SUV, Togg also presented a second model months ago that will potentially enter the brand’s production line when the first model settles its production in a cruising pace. It was an electric saloon with a technological cut and a clean design that, if it reaches the market, will have among its rivals, among others, the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2.

Berlina presented by Togg months ago.
Berlina presented by Togg months ago.

Although Togg will initially focus on marketing its electric car only in Turkey, it will likely end up expanding its reach to neighboring markets and probably to all of Europe over time. By early next year the brand should have unveiled its electric SUV in its final production form.

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