Tier begins operating in Malaga with 300 electric scooters for shared use

Tier begins to operate in Malaga, where after a municipal authorization it deploys 300 electric scooters for shared use. The company, which has a fleet of more than 135,000 micromobility electric vehicles distributed in more than 180 cities in 20 countries, is thus implementing its model of shared and sustainable micromobility in Spain, collaborating with public administrations to help reduce cars in the cities.

The deployment of the shared electric scooter service in Malaga comes after announcing a series D financing round worth 170 million euros last October aimed at significantly expanding Tier’s presence in strategic markets such as Spain, where the last November through the acquisition of nextbike, they have indicated in a statement.

The company is “decidedly committed to leading the urban mobility market in Spain” and estimates to employ more than 100 people during 2022, they added.

Manuel Arauco, Country Manager of Tier in Spain, stated that “since its launch in 2018, Tier has established itself as the leading mobility provider in Europe thanks to the quality of its vehicles, its commitment to user safety and the operational excellence. Now, we are starting operations in Spain with the aim of being the ally that cities need to make urban mobility safer, more sustainable and more efficient”.

Tier electric scooters are equipped with a system of interchangeable batteries, which are charged thanks to a fleet of electric bicycles and vans, relegating the heaviest repairs and maintenance to the warehouse.

Thus, it is not necessary to transport the scooters every night to charge them, with the consequent saving of 40% in CO2 emissions, compared to models without interchangeable batteries. This operational model, combined with the use of renewable electricity in all its activities, has substantially contributed to making Tier a 100% carbon neutral company since 2020.

In addition to being sustainable, they added, Tier’s scooters are “the safest on the market”, as they include improvements such as dual brakes, front and rear indicators for greater visibility and the largest front wheel in the industry, which provides greater driving stability. Also, Tier is the only operator that incorporates a folding helmet in its scooters. Users can use it for free, thus encouraging the use of this security measure.

Growth plans for 2022

Entry into the Spanish market is Tier’s last major strategic move, following the acquisition of Spin; Vento Mobility Srl, the Italian subsidiary of Wind Mobility; as well as Europe’s leading bike-sharing operator, nextbike. During this time, Tier has also significantly expanded its presence in Europe and the Middle East and plans to further expand its portfolio of products and services.

Following the launch of electric bikes and mopeds in several European countries, Tier is expanding its range of multimodal options, becoming the first European micromobility provider to offer its users three different types of vehicles in one app.

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