Three new versions of the electric Microlino with up to 230 kilometers of autonomy are announced

If you still don’t know the Microlino, one of the most endearing and charismatic cars on the market is missing. In response to the high demand for electric urban cars, the mobility company Micro, born in 2018, decided to recover the shape of the iconic BMW Isseta to adapt it to the new times and new mobility demands. The Microlino is the result of this fusion of concepts. An urban of less than 2.5 meters that now announces new commercial versions.

Be very careful not to laugh at or underestimate the Microlino because despite its small size we are talking about one of the most practical electric cars for the city. With capacity for only two passengers, its reduced dimensions allow it to move through the streets and traffic like a fish in water.. Despite its young age, Micro has constantly upgraded the Microlino, endowing it with better skills and abilities to optimally move through various environments.

Structural reinforcements, independent suspension on all four wheels and improved performance are its main innovations, but there are also we must add improvements in features and performance that will be distributed in different finishing lines. To date, only units with the Pioneers Series package were available, as a launch. The deliveries of these first units will be made from this summer, before in Switzerland and then in Germany and Italy in the last quarter of the year.

electric microline.
electric microline.

Once the production of the launch units has been exhausted, the Microlino offer will be segmented into three variants, all of them with a power of 12.5 kW (17 hp) and a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The only electric motor available will be able to three batteries with different capacities can be coupled: 6, 10.5 and 14 kWh, which should allow autonomy of 91, 177 and 230 kilometers in the WLTP cycle.

For recharging, the Microlino has a 1.35 kW system for the access version, and 2.6 kW for the most capable versions. Which means recovering the battery life between 3 and 4 hours.

The names of the new commercial versions will be: Urban, Competizione and Dolce. The access model will only be available with the smallest battery of all, offering a two-color body as standard. The Competizione model can be combined with the two largest battery formats, also showing specific details such as matt colors and the sliding canvas roof. Finally, the Dolce model has a more retro look with a sliding canvas roof, five different colors and three battery formats to choose from.

At the moment Micro still hasn’t commented on the sale prices. The configurator will open its doors in a few days, or at least that is what they refer to from the company. As for delivery times, they vary depending on the selected version. Access models with Urban package will not be available until the second quarter of 2023. For their part, the Dolce and Competizione models will be able to start their deliveries before the end of this year.

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