Thought a Hummer EV was slow? Demonstration of power in front of a Tesla Model Y Performance

The Hummer EV has been one of the most controversial electric models in recent years due to its limited environmental sustainability. This added to its colossal dimensions and its brutal specifications make this one of the most hated and desired vehicles, in equal parts, by lovers of electric cars. Nevertheless, its high weight of more than 4,100 kilos is not a relevant reason for the Hummer EV to execute a heart attack acceleration.

In a video posted by DragTimes on his official YouTube channel he pits the gigantic electric model against a more earthy Tesla Model Y Performance. At first, most of the public might expect a landslide victory for Elon Musk’s electric model, however, the high pulling power and brutal power of the Hummer EV ends up prevailing over the electric crossover.

Throughout the footage, Brooks Weisblat, the video presenter tests the numerous technological elements that the Hummer EV has, among which is also the well-known “Crab Walk”, the way in which the four wheels are aligned towards each other. same direction and allows the electric SUV to move diagonally across the road. In the same way, the vehicle can also turn the rear wheels in the opposite way to the front ones, which gives it a turning diameter of just 13 meters; a quite remarkable figure considering the more than 5.5 meters in length and 2.2 meters in width of the Hummer.

However, the highlight of the footage is the demonstration of the acceleration capacity of the huge electric SUV weighing more than 4 tons. This is something that could be demonstrated in a previous specific footage about its acceleration. In today’s video, Brooks Weisblat performs a 0 to 100 km/h test with the model’s “Watt To Freedom” mode. In his case, best time sets it to 3.57 seconds on his third attempta figure very close to 3.6 seconds of its second acceleration, although, in any case, it is still far from the 3 seconds promised by the North American company.

Its potential is demonstrated at the moment when the members of the video compare its acceleration with the capabilities of a Tesla Model Y Performance, the sportiest and most capable variant of the Tesla crossover. This has a power of 480 hp and a total weight of 2,066 kilos, half that of the Hummer EV. However, the gigantic SUV offers a power of 1,000 CV, double that of the Model Y Performance, with which the contest is assured.

However, despite the potential power-to-weight ratio between the two vehicles, the Hummer EV and its enormous pulling power put the Tesla Model Y Performance behind sooner than you imagined. In the video, a double acceleration test is carried out and on both occasions the General Motors model emerges victorious despite the remarkable ability to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds that the Tesla vehicle has.

Currently, of both models, only the Tesla Model Y Performance is sold in Spain at a starting price of 70,890 euros. However, General Motors could start selling the Hummer EV on the old continent in the next few years, according to some sources close to the North American automobile group.

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