This will be the return of the electric minivan according to Chrysler, which claims to be its inventor

Chrysler, belonging to the Stellantis Group, faces one of the most important challenges in its history. It will be a fully electric brand in 2028 starting its transformation in 2025 with the arrival of its first fully electric car. His CEO, Christine Feuellnamed in fall 2021, has stated that its new electric model offering will include an SUV and the reinvention of the “minivan” (which in Europe was a minivan of greater or lesser size or an MPV, a multi-purpose vehicle).

Feuell made these statements to the web Green Car Reports during the celebration of the New York International Motor Show 2022, in which Chrysler presented the electric concept Airflow Graphite. The leader assured that an electric minivan has a place in Chrysler’s electric future: “I think it’s safe to say that we’re looking to reinvent the minivan in our future lineup.”

While Feuell declined to discuss future products, he did note that Chrysler is currently “rethinking what should be and what should be a minivan understood in the new framework of electric mobility, since, after all, Chrysler invented the format in the early 1980s.

As part of this new era, Feuell mentioned the Stow ‘N Go seats of the chrysler pacifica, which offer a flexible layout where the second row folds into the floor and hides in it. That said, he didn’t reveal how exactly such a setup would work in an electric vehicle where the floor is essentially occupied by the battery pack. This configuration gave the format a new sales lease of life well into the 2010s, as families in particular found this practicality to be an advantage over SUVs.

Chrysler reinvents autonomous electric minivan-interior2
Chrysler Airflow Graphite Electric Concept.

The Chrysler leader added that the electric age will allow us to rethink the use case for people carriers with future ride sharing in mindwhich will come from the hand of autonomous vehicles.

Regarding the specifications and technical needs that a vehicle of this type should meet in order for it to be functional for its potential buyers, Feuell focused on autonomy as the key factor for them. According to Chrysler studies, “a range of 400 miles (644 kilometers) seems to be the sweet spot for a lot of clients who are trying to overcome much-touted range anxiety.”

Beyond seating and storage flexibility, Feuell noted that minivans are appropriate vehicles for “one stage of life.” Although it is a category that is of particular interest to families, not all of them have the same needs or give them the same use. There are those, at least in the United States, who use them as adventure vehicles, which makes it necessary to offer the possibility of add four-wheel drive.

When it comes to charging infrastructure, its parent group, Stellantis has decided to take an approach focused on association with suppliers of the service instead of building its own network.

2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid cutaway
Chrysler Pacifica.

In this transition towards the total electrification of its range, Feuell said that it would keep the two models that currently make up its offer. As he chrysler 300a sedan, like the Peaceful, a large minivan, will survive beyond 2025 with minor design tweaks in between, affecting the powertrain and its technology. Both will share a catalog with the first electric models until, in 2028, they permanently disappear from their offer.

Feuell did not clarify if the plug-in hybrid version of the Pacifica it will get a longer electric range, but when asked if powertrain upgrades would be included in these upgrades, Feuell said “it has to be.” Apparently, Chrysler is working on a minivan and a mid-size electric SUV, although an electric saloon “has not been ruled out”, concludes Feuell.

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