This will be the overwhelming landing of VinFast in Europe: 50 points of sale in three countries

From Vietnam comes one of the most accelerated and thriving electric brands on the market. VinFast is already in Europe. During the celebration of the 35th edition of the symposium and exhibition of the electric vehicle that is being held in Oslo during these days, the Asian brand confirms its launch plans and the location of the first points of sale in the old continent. Unfortunately, these arrival plans do not move to Spain, where they do not plan to open a dealership in the near future.

Having been founded just five years ago, VinFast is positioned in all pools as one of the most popular electric brands. In a market thirsty for affordable electric cars, Asian brands have managed to carve out a significant niche: NIO, XPeng, BYD or MG are just a few examples of how the European car scene is transforming. The introduction of VinFast only highlights this paradigm shift.

The Vietnamese know the importance of arriving first. Although they are not the first to plant the flag, their deployment throughout Europe will be as fast as their own history. In Oslo they have confirmed that they intend open 50 points of sale in different European countries, starting with France, Germany and the Netherlands. A completely different strategy to NIO or XPeng, for example, which have started in the Nordic countries and then go down latitudes.

Those 50 sales centers will have very aggressive commercial policies with which they hope to be able to seduce a large number of buyers. VinFast has announced exciting measures such as home delivery, tailored financing through FCA Bank, free welcome packs, and a 10-year or 200,000-kilometre warranty on the car and battery. If by itself this is already quite strong as a commercial offer, to that we must add some really attractive sales prices.

There are two models with which the brand lands in Europe: VF 8 and VF 9. Two SUVs belonging to segments D and E, respectively, which will try to stand up to a booming market. In the first case, the VinFast VF 8 offers autonomies between 400 and 471 kilometers thanks to a battery with up to 87.7 kWh capacity. The VinFast VF 9, for its part, achieves levels of autonomy between 423 and 594 kilometers with 92 or 123 kWh capacity batteries. One of the largest stacks on the European market.

Bearing this in mind, and including a wide catalog of standard and optional elements, the VinFast VF 8 is positioned as the cheapest in the family with a starting price of 43,350 euros, 300 euros more for the versions with greater autonomy. the most expensive is the VF 9 that starts its commercial proposal at 59,150 euros, 450 euros more if we want the 123 kWh capacity battery. A very attractive offer that will establish both models as the cheapest in their category. Now it only remains to see the response of the market.

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