This will be the new Tesla complex: restaurant, drive-in theater and 29 chargers for electric cars

Tesla will gradually evolve towards other complementary sectors, or directly away from the electric cars that it currently markets. In past years we saw how the brand got fully involved in other environments in the energy storage and capture area, such as the so-called Solar Roof or the Powerwall; Likewise, we have also recently seen the company’s meddling in the robotics sector with its Tesla Bot. Nevertheless, Tesla’s plans go further and plan the construction of a recreational complex with its electric cars as the main curtain.

In 2018, Elon Musk already suggested the idea of ​​opening a drive-in theater near the city of Los Angeles, in the United States. At that time, many took it as a joke, although a short time later, the company had already acquired some land to carry out such a project. However, bureaucracy and other legal sections put a pause on the launch of this recreational complex, although the firm took advantage of this land to install a network of Superchargers on the site. The popularization of these charging stations for the inhabitants of the area caused the brand to reconsider a new space to build its drive-in cinema, which is now will be held on land purchased in Hollywoodnot far from the original location.

Images feature featured _Easter Eggs_
Images feature featured “Easter Eggs”

The project is progressing consistently because, at the end of last May, just a few weeks ago, Tesla filed and registered the patent for this complex to locate it on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. In said patent, the shape and spaces that the leisure complex will present can be seen with total clarity. Nevertheless, Ed Howardan expert in modeling architectural plans, digitally built some images based on these plans and in which Tesla’s proposal to accommodate several recreational spaces within the same complex is much better appreciated.

On said terrain, Elon Musk hopes to raise a complete restaurant with terrace and atmosphere inspired by the 50s and 60s of the last century; Additionally, it will also include a double cinema screen, where those present can enjoy the projection of films, various sports or, at specific times, an advertising space. The parking lot of the place will be composed of a total of 29 Superchargers for electric vehicles signed by Tesla or other companies, because as we already know, the Californian company opened its charging stations to other manufacturers.

At the moment it will only be lifted in the United States
At the moment it will only be lifted in the United States

The author of these images allowed himself certain artistic licenses and inserted a series of “Easter Eggs” in each of them. All of them are related to Elon Musk, either because of his companies, his future aspirations or his private life. For example, in some images we see elements such as a Tesla Bot serving, the launch of a SpaceX rocket or a McLaren F1 in the vicinity of the complex (it is known that Musk had a unit of this car). The name he proposes for the restaurant is also his own invention, as Tesla has not yet ruled on this detail.

The images prepared by Ed Howard present a high quality in every sense, since details have been taken care of to the maximum, such as Tesla’s proposal to cover the space with tall wooden poles or showing a space with a retro-futuristic setting. For now no official opening date is known, but seeing how the project is progressing, it is more than likely that it will begin work in the coming months. There is also no known intention to take this complex to other countries, although if its success is considerable, surely this plan could be a reality for other markets outside the United States.

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