This will be the new 7-seater Škoda electric car, an electric SUV that already has a presentation date

Škoda continues to reveal, little by little, images of one of its next electric cars. referred to as Skoda Vision 7S, The latest images that the Czech brand has revealed have its exterior design as the protagonist, as it has shown through two sketches in which direction the body lines of this electric SUV will go.

As the brand itself has declared, the Škoda Vision 7S boasts a robust exterior design and functional that brand as authentic. The first two aspects are evident by the flat surfaces without ribs, while the practical and functional aspect is achieved inside thanks to an exterior design that, according to Skoda, has allowed the design of a more successful interior.

Leaving aside everything commented by the brand in terms of design language, two particularities stand out. On the one hand, there is the design of the light groups, both at the front of the Škoda Vision 7S and at the rear, since if this ends up being the design that finds a place in the rest of the brand’s models, Škoda is opting for ‘T’ shaped proportions for the headlights.

First official renders of the Skoda Vision 7S.
First official sketches of the Škoda Vision 7S.

On the other hand, and this particularity also takes place at both extremes, there is a vertical addition in orange color in the lower part of both bumpers which is responsible for putting a note of contrast, and which somehow reminds us of the off-road equipment elements in these parts of the bodywork (such as winches or hooks).

Other aspects that attract attention are the use of cameras instead of mirrors, and judging by the position of the door handles in the three-quarter front image (the one at the top of these lines), also the use of access doors to the passenger compartment facing each other, also called “suicide type”, something that could well be transferred to the production model.

Previously, the brand released a preview of the interior design of the Škoda Vision 7S, and more specifically it did so to reveal what the distribution of the seven seats would be like in its cabin.

Preview of the interior design of the Škoda Vision 7S.

Škoda plans to present the Škoda Vision 7S in its entirety on August 30. It should be noted that it will debut in the form of a concept model, so it is not confirmed that it will become another model in the Škoda range, although it is to be expected that it will end up being so, and that the model that we see presented at the end of month is a first preview of what will hit the streets in the coming years.

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