This will be Baojun’s cheap Chinese electric SUV, an attractive model reminiscent of the Ford Bronco

A few days ago, the news broke that the Chinese conglomerate made up of General Motors, SAIC and Wuling was after another disruptive low-cost launch: an electric SUV that, just because of its silhouette, was already postulated as a budding success. Now the first image of the model has been revealed, certifying that if the price is right, it has a good chance of becoming another Wuling Mini EV, the best-selling electric car in China.

As the photograph reveals, this small electric off-roader has taken, on the one hand, the proportions of the bodywork of one of the most iconic off-roaders of this century, the Suzuki Jimny, while on the other it looks rAesthetic traits reminiscent of the muscular Ford Bronco, such as the drawing made by the grille or the dual-tone bodywork, which has a color very similar to the yellow that Ford chose to show the Bronco for the first time. Even with this, it is fair to say that in general, the design of the electric SUV is pleasant.

There is an aspect that draws attention in terms of its exterior equipment, as the model seems to sport a double set of exterior mirrors. On the one hand, there are a couple of elements finished in body color on the doors, near the A-pillar. It could be confirmed that these are the mirrors if it were not for the fact that two elements very similar to mirrors can also be seen on the hood. . When compared to the previous image we had of the model (below), it appears to equip a sports camera and a telephoto lens.

This is the first image of Baojun's Chinese electric SUV.
This is the first image of Baojun’s Chinese electric SUV.

The rest of the bodywork is marked by very steep entry and exit angles, as well as a very pronounced ground clearance that results in a very aggressive ventral angle. Despite this, and the fact that the model even sports tires with a tread that suggests that they are 4×4-type tires, the truth is that the brand has described it as a model intended for urban use.

Technically, since we are only facing the first leaks, there is nothing confirmed. However, several Chinese media point to the possibility that this electric SUV ends up equipping the same electrical scheme as the Baojun Kiwi. This consists of a battery of 31.9 kWh capacity and an electric motor is stationed on the rear axle yields 40 kW of power (54 hp) and 150 Nm of torquewith which it achieves a maximum speed of one hundred kilometers per hour.

From the creators of the cheapest electric car in the world, now comes an electric mini 4x4.
Earlier sneak peek about electric SUV from SAIC, GM and Wuling.

As the Chinese consortium has revealed prior to the publication of the first advances, it is a model that will arrive as the first offspring of a new brand. On its front it sports the same logo as the Baojun Kiwi, in which the inscription ‘Kiwi’ can be clearly read, so it is to be expected that with this model inaugurate a firm with this name.

It is expected that the model will be unveiled in its entirety during the month of November, taking advantage of the appointment that the Motor Show of Guangzhou.

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