This simple electric moped with Bosch motor and LG battery arrives in Europe for 1,699 euros

The electrification of the two-wheel sector is leading to an increase in demand caused by the appearance of a large number of companies with very similar models. Many of them come from China with products which can sometimes be of questionable quality. The startup case LVNENG and of the new generator electric moped that you just added to your catalog could be different since it does not hide what it offers a simple product equipped with quality components and at a groundbreaking price.

LVENENG has in its catalog a total of seven electric models designed to cover different needs. The latest addition is the Gener, an electric moped that could be classified as a ‘runabout’, with simple and light lines, which is offered as the perfect tool for daily commute around the city. The advancement of battery technology has meant that vehicles like this can offer sufficient autonomy for this purpose, without the need to resort to a higher-performance vehicle.

The Gener is a moped that is based on the practicality to differentiate itself from the competition and that benefits from economies of scale to reduce production costs and to be able to be offered on the market at a very affordable price. Its intention is to conquer a customer who wants access to an electric vehicle without the need for an excessive financial outlay, and with the reliability and support of highly regarded suppliers.

The first thing that strikes the Gener is its size. Has only 1,160mm wheelbase and has a single seat for a single seat. In fact, it is so small and light that it could perfectly be lifted off the ground and stored in the home itself. This feature makes it fully a urban vehicle intended for short-distance trips inside the city.

LVNENG Gener-interior electric moped
Bosch motor and LG battery guarantee the quality of the LVNENG Gener moped drive system.

The Chinese company has not skimped when it comes to resorting to highly experienced suppliers to configure the Gener’s electrical system. It is made up of a Bosch 810W electric motor of power integrated in the hub of the rear wheel, which can propel the moped to a maximum speed of 25km/h. The battery that powers it, removable, is signed by the Korean LG and works at 48 volts and 24 Ah, which translates into a capacity of 1,152Wh and in an autonomy that will oscillate between 80 and 110 kilometers with each charge.

LVNENG has added several convenient features that make these journeys easier. Count with one standard luggage rack in the rear where you can easily strap various types of luggage such as generic motorcycle spec bags and panniers. Incorporates a full LED lighting system, a digital instrument panel with USB charger and even a keyless start system.

But surely the most interesting thing about the LVNENG Gener is its price. For only 1,199 euros This moped becomes an alternative to almost any two-wheeler that can be used around town, including petrol scooters and even an electric bike.

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