This Ninebot speaker makes your electric scooters sound like a gasoline engine (video)

The sound of electric vehicles, in general, has made rivers of ink run. The loss of the sound of a thermal engine has not convinced part of the public and many are reluctant to get rid of this characteristic of internal combustion engines. For this reason, the company Ninebot, specialists in electric vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles or even go-karts, has presented a speaker system with which we can recreate the sound of a gasoline engine in their silent models.

the so-called Ninebot Engine Speaker is a portable speaker capable of emulating four characteristic sounds of gasoline engines, including that of a motor single cylinder, twin cylinder, V8 and V12. As a fifth and last alternative, you can imitate the sound of an amplified electric motor, so that this particular sound can be heard in a more pronounced way.

This portable speaker for Ninebot electric vehicles has been officially presented through the company YouTube channel, in a short video in which you can see the different sound alternatives that this gadget presents. The Ninebot Engine Speaker is attached to the handlebar stem, in the case of electric scooters, through its own support, which is attached with a double elastic band.

However, and although it may seem like a recurrent speaker in which sounds of various gasoline engines are emitted, the truth is that it goes one step further and connects to different electric vehicles via Bluetooth. This means that in each acceleration of the vehicle that we are using, the speaker will emit one type of sound or another in each of the motors; that is, it is the accelerations we will hear how the selected engine accelerates, for example, which will increase the sensation that we are facing a vehicle with a real thermal engine.

From the company they assure that this utensil features IP55 resistance, that is, resistant to both water and dust. Its exterior is made entirely of a high-strength, high-quality metal material. The gadget integrates a total of 4 small speakers of 8 watts each. These are positioned in a way that increases the hearing field together with stable bass sounds and clear treble. It is recharged by cable through a USB-C socket located on the body of the device itself.

Ninebot proposes various speaker location options depending on which electric vehicle we drive. In addition to the already mentioned electric scooters, in their electric motorcycles they propose to house it in the loading area; in the case of the Gokart on the steering column itself, as well as on its electric bicycles, it will go on the frame of the same. The autonomy of the speaker will be 23 hours for each full charge and its sale price is $149.99. At the moment it is only available for purchase in the United States through your official websitealthough in the coming weeks or months they will be expanding their commercial network to the rest of the markets.

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