This new Volvo Trucks electric axle increases the autonomy of its electric trucks

Volvo Trucks currently enjoys the largest offering of battery electric trucks in the industry. In total there are six models that the manufacturer produces in series, and in order to continue with this leadership also in the technological field, the brand has now unveiled a new electric rear axle that will equip their future production models that will allow, they say, to achieve higher autonomy figures.

The brand has taken advantage of the IAA fair held in Hannover, focused on industrial vehicles, to make it known, and they say that the main characteristic of this component is that compared to the current electric axles of its trucks, it is that manage to save space, predictably offering a similar number of benefits, which allows, on the other hand, allocate this profit to the placement of more batteries, which directly means that the new electric axle allows greater autonomy. All of the above, according to Volvo.

As is the norm in the field of industrial vehicles, this electric axle houses both the gearbox and the electric motor itself, forming part of the rear axle of the truck in question.

Volvo FH Electric, one of the battery electric trucks currently mass-produced by Volvo Trucks.
Volvo FH Electric, one of the battery electric trucks currently mass-produced by Volvo Trucks.

It is a component that will find a place both in Volvo Trucks electric trucks and in its models powered by fuel cell. In relation to the latter, Jessica Sandström, Volvo Trucks’ Chief Product Officer, commented: “Different technical solutions are needed to deal with climate change, as the availability of energy and fuel infrastructure differs between countries. countries and regions and also between different transport assignments”

At the moment the brand has not released any technical data that allows knowing in which power range it will be located, as well as an approximate weight figure. However, due to the savings in terms of volume and size of the same, a reduction in the total weight of the set is also expected, which should also help in terms of efficiency.

Nor is it an axle that is going to find a place on its assembly lines quickly, because, as Volvo Trucks has commented, this new solution will reach its production models in the coming years. “We will continue with our versatile battery electric trucks that are already in production. They can currently cover a wide range of transport tasks. In a few years, we will add this new electric rear axle for customers who cover longer routes than the current ones“.

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