This long-range, minimalist Dutch electric bike is built to last

The Mokumono Polder it’s an electric looking bike minimalist with a simple, clean, modern and attractive design. Its aluminum frame with routed cables and wide, strong stanchions sits on 28-inch wheels, includes hydraulic brakes, a Gates carbon belt drive, front and rear fenders, and integrated lights. The bike may appear heavier than it is, though it does stop the scales at 20 kilogramsand more expensive, since its launch price is €2,590.

Mokumono was founded in 2014 in the Netherlands by twin brothers Bob and Tom Schiller with the intention of manufacturing electric bicycles using only European-sourced parts. With its new model, Polder, the design team has almost achieved this goal. It is manufactured in Amsterdam and in its production 90% of the components involved come from the Old Continent.

“Our goal isn’t just to build a cool and exciting electric bike. Along the way, we’re trying to shake up the entire bike industry,” says Schiller. The startup wants to show that you don’t need a factory in Taiwan to build durable and affordable electric bikes without making any compromises. “We don’t intend to sell you a new bike every two years, we want to see you riding this one for as long as possible. That’s real sustainability,” he adds.

Like the two previous models, Delta S and Delta C city ride, Mokumono has used for the Polder a pressed aluminum frame which shows very smooth lines and is suitable for cyclists between 1.65 meters and 1.95 meters tall.

electric bike mokumono polder-interior2
The Mokumono Polder electric bike’s pressed aluminum frame sits on 28-inch wheels and can be configured in up to 40 different colors.

The pedal assist system consists of a Fazua engine located on the rear wheel hub that develops the relevant 250W of power (with an output torque of 35 Nm) and supports up to 25km/h, thus complying with the European regulations for EPAC vehicles. The bike does not have gears. In return includes a torque sensor that detects when the cyclist begins to pedal to regulate the power output of the motor and make the assistance as natural as possible, without sudden jerks. The transmission eliminates the link chain and replaces it with a Gates Carbon strap which offers a clean and low maintenance user experience.

To power the electric motor, Mokumono has installed a compartment in the frame that allows battery removal. It currently offers two capacity options. a unit of 360Wh that it is able to offer 80 kilometers of autonomy and another, with a greater capacity, 540 Wh, with which the 120 kilometers.

However, the idea that Polder is a durable bike carries over to this component as well. This trunk with lock has been designed so that it can accommodate battery packs of different shapes and sizesgiving the user the option to keep the supplied units or update them as technology improveswhich gives the idea that the bike is built to last a long time.

In this same space there is a corner to place an Airtag, SmartTag or Tile Mate, all of them GPS tracking systems, so users can keep track of the electric bike when they are not around. The compartment is so generous that there is enough space to store some belongings.

electric bike mokumono polder-interior1
The Mokumono Polder electric bike’s battery is housed in a removable compartment giving the user the option of keeping the supplied units or upgrading as technology improves.

the bike can connect via Bluetooth to a phone mobile. That connection allows it to be turned on when its owner approaches. It dispenses with the informative LED screen of other models but through an application developed by Mokumono and a support integrated into a Blade handlebar it is possible to use the phone for this purpose, and keep it charged thanks to the integrated connection with the battery.

The frame rests on 28 inch wheels with Vredestian Icon tires and hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors. It includes integrated LED lighting, front and rear fenders, a luggage rack and a built-in kickstand. The total weight of the Mokumono Blade is 20 kilograms.

Mokumono’s European customers will have a repair service staffed by their own technicians or will arrange to work with local mobile bike repair services in other countries. The company will rely on international distributors for the delivery and servicing of electric bikes shipped outside of Europe. Mokumono has also made a commitment to keep all components required for these repairs in stock for at least 10 years in support of its ‘build to last’ ethos.

The Mokumono Polder bike can now be reserved through your website in which it is offered as an introductory offer for €2,590. It is available in 40 different colors. The first deliveries are scheduled for September this year.

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