This is Volkswagen’s “Tesla Model 3”, and it will be a radical change from the well-known Passat

Volkswagen is immersed in the development of one of the company’s most important global electric cars in the coming years, the Volkswagen Aero B. A model with which they hope to catapult their sales to the level of Tesla Model 3 itself, with which it will compete directly because of its concept, and thereby achieve the objective of Herbert Diess, since he wants the consortium to be able to market more electric cars than Tesla by 2025.

And it is that, as the latest batch of spy photos of the Volkswagen Aero B shows, the camouflage that hides the most characteristic features of its design does not manage to hide that even the proportions of the body look directly at the one that since its launch has been became the best-selling electric car in the world (until this year).

Judging by the images, the final design is already finished, since the film that tries to hide the design of the prototype does not hide the distinctive design of the headlights that the latest models of the ID range wear. of Volkswagen electric cars.

Volkswagen Aero B10
Test Volkswagen Aero B around the Nürburgring circuit.

It remains to be seen how the Wolfsburg firm fits this new model into its range, and if it is a direct replacement for the Volkswagen Passat itself or its electric version, since due to the type of body and size, it seems a model destined to take over from the brand’s veteran sedan.

It should be noted that the new generation of the Volkswagen Passat will be the last in history, and it will have an electric version, or at least there will be an electric car located at the same level within the range of the German manufacturer.

Herbert Diess himself recalled yesterday that Skoda is the brand that is in charge of developing the new generation Passat, and it is doing so in parallel with the program that will give rise to the next Skoda Superb, which indicates that the relationship between price and product is one of the top priorities for Volkswagen, a key aspect that indicates that this model wants to rival the Tesla Model 3.

The technical base that will support the electrical scheme will be the MEB modular platform of the Volkswagen Group. Based on this, and in the absence of knowing if there will be improvements in terms of energy density, everything indicates that the largest battery will have a capacity of 77 net kWhwhich should give it a range close to, if not higher than, 600 kilometers with a full charge.

Volkswagen Aero B 8
Test Volkswagen Aero B around the Nürburgring circuit.

It is true that the models marketed by the Volkswagen Group with this battery do not yet reach this figure, but based on the body with a teardrop profile that it will have, and which by concept points to the Tesla Model 3, consumption should be below what has been seen so far within the German consortiumwhich should give it an autonomy close to that of the American model, whose largest battery is 75 kWh, and manages to homologate up to 626 kilometers in the case of the Great autonomy variant.

It is planned that the production electric car derived from the Volkswagen Aero B, either with the name of Passat or ID.7, see the light during the next year.

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