This is the Wellta Boreal, a GT-type “125” electric scooter with 140 km of autonomy

After launching the Wellta Ártica and Taiga, the Spanish electric mobility firm launches Wellta Boreal in Spaina motorcycle that in the form of an electric scooter comes with a range of up to 140 kilometers as its main claim.

Due to technical characteristics, dimensions and proportions, the Wellta Boreal seeks to compete against other urban models with GT proportions equivalent to 125 at a similar price, and therefore, it is located just above the more urban models, such as the Ecooter E2 Max or the Horwin EK3, which are alternatives more akin to a use focused on the city, although this does not mean that it is a maxiscooter (it has a weight of 124 kilos).

It is an electric scooter for which Wellta has relied on Arena Motor, who is the manufacturer. In fact, Arena markets the same model as Wellta, and does so under the name of Arena VT3. To differentiate it from this model, Wellta has chosen to incorporate a graphic design with its corporate colors.

The electrical diagram of the Wellta Boreal remains in the hands of a hub type electric motor staked on the rear wheel manufactured by QS que yields a nominal power of 4 kW while the maximum power reaches up to 5.6 kW (7.61 hp).

Wellta Boreal.

The battery from which the engine drinks can be made up of one or two removable modules for charging. Each of them has a capacity of 2.7 kWh, so if two modules are equipped, the total capacity will be 5.4 kWh. As for charging times, it is capable of charging from 0 to 80% in 3 hours, achieving 100% charge in 4 hours.

In terms of performance, the Wellta Boreal has a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour, which it achieves in driving mode 3, while in modes 1 and 2 it is limited to 45 and 70 kilometers per hour, respectively. Autonomy, on the other hand, it will be up to 140 kilometers in mode 1 with two moduleswhile with a single module it is expected to achieve half the mileage.

Regarding equipment, it will have keyless start, USB charger in the glove box, remote control alarm, dashboard with color LCD screen and full LED lighting. Under the seat there will be space to store small items or a jet-type case.

New Wellta Boreal.
New Wellta Boreal.

As Wellta herself has specified, heThe new Boreal shares components with some Super Soco models. In fact, its batteries are identical to those of the Super Soco CPx, as well as the rear wheel that houses the electric motor.

The brand announces a starting price of 4,850 euros if you equip a single battery, while for the double pack option it rises to 5,990 euros. At these prices, as is usual among electric motorcycles under 12,100 euros, you can discount the 1,100 euros of the Moves III Plan. This is reduced to 3,750 and 4,890 euros, respectively, thanks to state aid of €1,100 from the Moves III Plan, which the points of sale process for the brand’s customers.

Wellta Boreal.

Among the most notable rivals for the Boreal, are the aforementioned Super Soco CPx and the Horwin SK3. We have already been able to test the first, while the second has just started its marketing in Spain. Also, given its proportions and type of use for which it is intended, it will directly rival similar gasoline scooters, such as the Yamaha N Max or the Honda PCX.

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