This is the Volkswagen Caddy Plug-in Hybrid, and it’s almost ready for its debut

The compact van segment is gaining electric and plug-in hybrid models little by little. Although for now the majority of the offer is made up of the Stellantis range of electric vans, Volkswagen will join shortly with the launch of its Volkswagen Caddy eHybridthe plug-in hybrid version of its compact van.

Now, the Caddy has been spotted during its extreme weather testing phase, and like any other passenger car launch, this fact means that the German van is nearing the end of its development.

As with the Ford Tourneo Connect PHEV, there is a key element that is responsible for confirming that it is the plug-in hybrid version that takes center stage in the spy photos; the hatch in the front fender that gives access to the charging port for your battery.

VW Caddy eHybrid 10
VW Caddy eHybrid 10

Thanks to the agreement between the Volkswagen Group and the European division of Ford, we know that both the plug-in hybrid version of the Tourneo Connect and the Volkswagen Caddy e-Hybrid will use the same hybrid scheme, the same one that the Volkswagen Multivan has already released. and that we already know of other Volkswagen Group models that are based on the consortium’s MQB modular platform.

In its most powerful specification, the Volkswagen Caddy e-Hybrid will yield a maximum combined power of 218 hp from a 1.4-liter gasoline engine, as well as an electrical system in which a 102 hp electric motor (80 hp) is relevant. kW) and a battery with a useful capacity of 10.2 kWh.

Although it is true that it is still early to launch assumptions in the air, we can expect that the electric autonomy with a full load that the Caddy e-Hybrid homologates in Europe based on the WLTP cycle, will fluctuate between 50 and 60 kilometers. Thus improving the between 46 and 50 kilometers achieved by its older sister, the Multivan e-Hybrid.

VW Caddy eHybrid 14
The cover on the front wing gives this unit away from the Caddy as a plug-in hybrid test unit.

In terms of dates of presentation and arrival on the market, it is expected that the Volkswagen Caddy plug-in hybrid will be presented before the end of this year as a 2023 model, so it will not be until next year when its commercialization begins. What happens between the plug-in hybrid version of the Multivan and the rest of the mechanical options, no changes are expected in the aesthetic part.

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