This is the Stromer ST7 electric bicycle with automatic transmission; the S-Pedelec claim their place

The Swiss have always been pioneers in speed pedelec electric bikes. 30 years ago, in 1989, Michael Kutter created the current pedelec bicycles, without an accelerator and with electric assistance when pedaling. the swiss brand stromer it focused solely on high-speed electric bicycles shortly after its foundation in 2010. At the last Eurobike 2022, held in Frankfurt, it presented its latest flagship. The S7 brings together the highest technology of the Swiss brand combined with the new Pinion electronic and automatic gearbox and a Gates Carbon transmission belt..

Above the pedelec bicycles there is another category of electric bicycles called Speed ​​EPAC (or Speed ​​Pedelec), whose legislative treatment is different. This typology has an electric motor of more than 250 Wand usually exceed 25 km/h. But the most important thing is that they have the hand throttle (a trigger or a fist), which is prohibited in conventional EPACs. For all purposes, these bicycles are considered mopeds and therefore must comply with the regulations for category “L” vehicles: industrial approval, the need for compulsory insurance, circulation permit, lighting and ITV card.

electric bicycle high speed speed pedelec stromer st7-interior1
The S-pedelec are the most technologically advanced models in the electric bicycle sector, not only because they require a lot of power and a very high capacity battery, but also because they are candidates to include the latest technology in terms of components and connectivity.

Strommer is the specialist par excellence in this type of electric bicycles. In 2014, he launched the ST2, the first with full connectivity, “in a class of its own”, as its founder Thomas Binggeli aptly dubbed it. In 2018, he followed her ST5, with a more integrated appearance. Again, four years later, a new flagship is announced, the ST7 showing the key points of the future of Speed ​​Pedelec electric bicycles

The S-pedelec are the most technologically advanced models in the electric bicycle sector. Not only do they require a lot of power and a very high capacity battery to power them. They are also the candidates to include the latest technology that is developed for them. The Stromer ST7 comes with a world first: the Pinion C1.12 SmartShift automatic electronic transmission. A system that only requires pressing a button to activate it and that is powered by the same battery as the electric drive system. The SmartShift has been jointly developed by Pinion and Stromer, which is why this brand has been chosen to become the launch partner.

Electronic gearbox Pinion stromer st7-portada
Pinion’s technology is based on spur gears with two connected sub-units at the output end.

Is about a high precision change based on the transmission technology used in the automotive industry, mounted, all of it, in an aluminum casing made to contain and protect it. Pinion’s technology is based on spur gears with two subunits connected at the outlet end. The combination of both subunits with their different pairs of gears generates the gear changes. These gears are evenly spaced which guarantees ergonomics in each particular application, depending on the type of gearbox.

all the gears can be changed successively or skipped in the order needed. It doesn’t matter if the bike moves or not. The power is only transmitted through two pairs of gears. This technical peculiarity guarantees a constant and loss-free driving sensation in all gears. Located under the bicycle frame, in a central position, the system developed by Pinion is completely different from the one used in traditional gears. It also offers high reliability and a completely different feeling for the cyclist’s pedaling.

In addition to this world novelty, the Stromer ST7 boasts incluir very high-end components and a seal of quality such as “Swiss technology”. The frame It is made of aluminum and can be configured with or without a suspension front fork. Although Stromer bikes are optimized for riding on hard surfaces thanks to their thick tires, the fork can add extra comfort to the rider. In addition you can add a tKinekt suspension seat post that increases that feeling of comfort and protects your back thanks to an innovative spring technology that responds to even the slightest bumps.

The electric motor It sits on the rear wheel hub. The SynoSport II It has a power output of 940 W and transmits a torque of 52 Nm. It includes three levels of assistance: Sport Mode, assists the cyclist up to 45km/h. The drums that feeds it is the BQ1440. It has electronic unlocking by Bluetooth and disassembly by means of a single button. It has a capacity of 1,440Wh. The autonomy indicated by the manufacturer is 260 kilometers although it does not clarify in which assistance mode and it is a figure that depends on different variables, such as the cyclist, his energy demand or the orography that is crossed. The transmission is done through a Gates carbon strap which requires very little maintenance and the four-piston disc brakes include integrated anti-lock ABS.

The connectivity it is also part of the Stromer ST7. It includes a native screen where you can check the main parameters of the bike and the route and a mobile support integrated into the handlebar. Through the Bluetooth connection it is possible to connect with the bicycle’s on-board computer to obtain much more information, including the integrated gear indicator of Pinion Smart Shift. The Stromer OMNI connection platform Cloud-based offers GPS geolocation, wireless updates, profile management, motor tuning (assist mode, pedal and brake sensor regulation) and other digital Stromer functions such as performance statistics, ride history.

electric bicycle high speed speed pedelec stromer st7-interior2
Stromer ST7: rear wheel hub motor, removable high-capacity battery with anti-theft system, Bluetooth connectivity and ABS disc brake system.

It has a system triple anti-theft protection: electronic engine lock, alarm and warning message that sends an email or a text message and GPS location. A smart lock is added that unlocks via Bluetooth. The system informs about the status of the electrical components and about the maintenance needs. Software is upgradable via OTA

Optional accessories that can be purchased separately:

  • Second battery (2,794 euros).
  • Charger (259 euros).
  • Pirelli Ángel ST Sport high-performance tires: with Kevlar reinforcement, SmartNET proprietary silica blend and nylon layer for puncture protection (89 euros, price per tire).
  • Pirelli Ángel ST Urbano urban tyres: smooth, reliable rolling with maximum grip. With a universal nylon layer for puncture protection (69 euros, price per tire).
  • Pirelli Ángel WT Urban winter tires: with a lot of grip on light layers of snow and slippery surfaces. Excellent protection against punctures thanks to a layer of high-density nylon (84 euros, price per tire).
  • Vee Tire Stromer E-Gridlock Tires | 57-584: specially developed for Stromer. The reinforced tire with a special rubber formulation and tread pattern for a secure grip with high loads (44 euros per tire).
  • Unit1 Stromer smart helmet developed to combine safety, visibility and style. With state-of-the-art lighting system, intelligent ventilation and integrated Mips system, it connects to Stromer.
  • Finally, you can also choose a series of shoulder bags and a basket.

The Stromer ST7 will be available from October 2022 with a solid gold painted launch edition, which can already be configured from this link. In January 2023 it will be available in color dark platinum. With the basic options the price of the Stromer ST7 is €12,140mounting costs not included in the price.

Technical specifications:

  • SYNO Sport II engine.
  • Power 940 W (USA: 750 W).
  • Torque at 52 Nm.
  • Category L1e-B | up to 45 km/h (USA: Class 3, up to 28 mph).
  • BQ1440 battery | 48V | 1440Wh | 260 km (USA: 160 miles).
  • Connectivity: OMNI-C interface, Mobile phone network (CAT M1) | Bluetooth.
  • OMNI mobile phone application (GPS location, Smart lock, Engine settings, Autonomy display, OTA updates, Statistics.
  • Frame Colours: Solid Gold (Launch Edition), Dark Platinum.
  • Aluminum frame and fork.
  • Frame sizes: M <178 cm | L 175 - 188cm | XL>185cm.
  • Stromer integrated handlebar with mobile phone holder.
  • Brooks Cambium Rupper ergonomic grips.
  • Standard rims: Stromer 27.5 x 35 from DT Swiss.
  • Pirelli Angel ST Sport series tires | 57-584.
  • TRP Stromer HD944 brakes with 4 pistons front and rear. 203mm diameter brake discs front and rear.
  • Pinion C1.12 Smart.Shift shifting system.
  • Forged Pinion-175.
  • Brooks Cambium C17 saddle.
  • Carrier max. 22.5kg.
  • Horn.
  • stromer daylight.
  • Supernova M99 Pro headlights 1100 lumen dipped beam | 1600 lumen high beam.
  • Tail light with brake light Supernova M99.
  • Model comparison.
electric bicycle high speed speed pedelec stromer st7-interior3
Comparison between the different models of Stromer S-Pedelec electric bicycles.
  • ST7 availability from October 2022.
  • Swiss only insurance: including TCS Membership, mobility insurance and additional coverage against theft (CHF 5,000) for 1 year.
  • Basic price EUR 12,140.

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