This is the Serial 1 BASH/MTN, the first electric mountain bike from Harley-Davidson

Serial 1 is the electric bicycle division of Harley-Davidson, and until now it had focused solely on models whose main focus was urban environments. Now, however, they present Series 1 BASH/MTNwhich aims to be the most appropriate model for those looking for an off-road bike within the range of the American brand.

However, and contrary to what we are used to with bicycles intended for off-road use, Serial 1 has not incorporated any type of suspension in the geometry of the Serial 1 BASH/MTN, but it is a rigid bike. Another aspect that differs from what is usual in the most common e-mtb is that its transmission only has one gear, while the hardness of pedaling is adjusted by its electrical diagram.

According to the brand itself, both aspects are decisive in offering the purest possible experience: “Less complexity and fewer mechanical complications mean more fun and more freedom on the road.”

Serial 1 BASH:MTN..
The only suspension that the Serial 1 BASH:MTN has is that of its saddle.

To compensate for the lack of suspension, however, the brand has chosen to incorporate a spring manufactured by specialist Suntour (NCX model) into the seat post, which with up to 50 millimeters of travel will soften the driest roads and potholes, although in sports use this solution will not be the most recurrent.

The electrical system relies on a lithium-ion battery whose capacity is 529Wh. Like the rest of the models in the range, it is integrated into the frame to offer a refined image, with a favorable center of gravity and that is also easy to remove. Depending on the chosen assistance mode and the type of use, the brand announces autonomies between 48 and 153 kilometers.

The motor, for its part, is mounted on the bottom bracket shaft itself. This is the Brose S Mag that will perform up to 90 Nm of torque, while the power (which they do not declare) must be kept below the maximum 250 W allowed in the EU. This will send the power to the rear wheel through a carbon toothed belt manufactured by Gates that through the electric motor and a torque sensor will adjust the hardness.

Serial 1 BASH:MTN
Serial 1 BASH:MTN

Regarding the components of its cycle part, four-piston TRP hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear, 203-millimeter rotors are in charge of braking, while it will have Michelin E-Wild off-road tires. E-GUM-X, as well as a lighting system with a led headlight.

It should be noted that the Series 1 BASH/MTN is a limited series model, with 1,050 units destined for the whole world, of which 525 will be for the United States and 525 for Europe. Although the price for Europe has not been confirmed, in the United States will cost $3,999, so we can expect a similar amount for the old continent. In exchange, European customers will get a bicycle of proven reliability.

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