This is the rental price for the electric Lucid Air

Lucid came to market with an eye on a fully premium brand positioning and to be one of the most elite in the current electric automotive sector. His, for now, only model, the Lucid Airhas a prohibitive starting price in Europe of 218,000 eurosso a certain public eagerly awaited the publication of the prices for the option of leasing, hoping that this was something cheaper. However, this option has already been published for the North American market and continues to be just as inaccessible to the general public.

Lucid Motors has already started sales of its model in the European market, although for the moment only in Germany; Later, new countries will be added to its client portfolio where Spain does not yet appear due to the low sales margin of electric cars compared to other countries of the European Union. in our region The sale of the Air has begun under the finishes Dream Edition Performance and Dream Edition Range; however, in the United States it has a wider range of finishes and mechanics, including the Grand Touring and of which the firm has published what its cost will be. leasing.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is the highest-spec model available from the company, this has (in the United States) a starting price of $142,995, although when it arrives in Europe it is expected that its price will be much higher. In the North American country the leasing of this model will start with an initial payment of $10,000 and a total term of 48 months with an annual limit of 24,000 kilometers. Once such an agreement has been made, the client must pay monthly a fee of 2,076 dollarsa value that does not include tax, title, registration, insurance or maintenance.

PHOTO - The Lucid Air is focused on the premium and luxury market
The Lucid Air is focused on the premium and luxury market

All this bulky economic sum will mean that after 48 months of leasing of the electric model, the customer will have paid a total of 99,648 dollars without adding the aforementioned sections (insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc…), so it will mean a total of $30,000 less than owning this electric car.

In the European market the initial cost of getting an Air is much higher, so when it arrives in the old continent the option of leasing the amounts could be multiplied with respect to what is established in the United States, making the best option to have a Lucid Air in the garage finally be the direct purchase of the electric vehicle.

This option of leasing It has been highly requested in the United States by a large number of potential clients. That’s why Lucid Motors has partnered with Bank of America there to offer the credit. To a greater extent, they expect popularity to rise above the aforementioned 48-month option, although will also present the option of a leasing 24 months.

The deployment of Lucid Motors in Europe is still scarce, since they have only landed in Munich where they already have a permanent exhibitor called Lucid Studio. In the coming months, markets such as the Netherlands, Norway or Switzerland will arrive, where the brand expects to reap a large number of sales and potential customers. France and Austria will also arrive later. For now Spain does not enter into the short-term plans for the brand.

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