This is the real autonomy of one of the best electric scooters in the Spanish market

Among all the electric scooters equivalent to 125 that are currently marketed, the Ecooter E5 is one of the most interesting based on its technical characteristics and the autonomy it boasts with a full charge of its battery. In Hybrids and Electrics we have already analyzed all aspects of the E5 in its pro versionbut it was still missing to know how many kilometers it is capable of achieving with a full charge in our usual autonomy test.

Based on the data provided by the brand itself, owned by the Chinese group DY Moto, the Ecooter E5 achieves up to 148 kilometers governed by the WTMC cyclewhile the Lite version, which slightly cuts its maximum power and limits its speed to 90 kilometers per hour, reaches up to 154 kilometers of autonomy with a full charge.

Like the rest of electric motorcycles and scooters that have passed through our hands, the route in which we have put the Ecooter E5 to the test runs through the city of Malaga, and tries to emulate the most common type of use to which a scooter of this type is usually subjected. That is, a mostly urban use with short punctual incursions on the highway at its maximum speed.

Malaga tour
Malaga tour

In total, once the first lap of the track is closed, around 50 kilometers will have been traveled, although the figure is never maintained due to the differences in the mileage reading between the different models and the traffic circumstances (density, detours by works, changes between one lane and another, etc.)

As in the rest of the autonomy tests that we have carried out with electric motorcycles, the premise with which we started the tour was to practice a conduction as current as possible, that is, not necessarily efficient in order to emulate in the most fuel possible way the type of real use to which a scooter of this type is subjected.

Ecooter E5 at the first point of the route.
Ecooter E5 at the first point of the route.

The foregoing means that, as any user of an electric motorcycle will do, for example, at the exit of several traffic lights, we accelerate fully enjoying the power delivery of the electric motor, while on other occasions we tried not to reach speed of more so as not to raise consumption too much, although always keeping pace with other traffic and showing no disregard for speed limits.

The unit we tested was loaned to Hybrids and Electrics by TFM Bikesa shop specializing in electric motorcycles located in Malaga where the model is still available for anyone who wants to know how it behaves.

This is how the autonomy test of the Ecooter E5 passed

On this occasion, the test took place on a Sunday in the early hours of the morning, with lower traffic density and temperatures close to 20 degrees that will not cause your battery to consume at a higher rate, and as always, we started the test with the battery almost 100% with the premise of depleting it in one fell swoop.

Autonomy first point Ecooter E5.
When the first point arrived, the state of charge was 85%.

It should also be noted that except for the 3.2 kilometers traveled before the start of the test, the rest took place with the power driving mode activated, while we alternated it with Sport mode to be able to reach its maximum speed on the highway or to enjoy all the acceleration of the engine at the exit of the occasional traffic light or other circumstances.

On this occasion, however, the battery was at 98% of its capacity at the beginning of the journey due to the 3.2 kilometers that we had traveled from the charging point where we last replenished the energy to the starting point of the Test.

Despite this, and the 107 kilometers per hour that we sustained during the section of motorway that precedes the urban framework of the test, the Ecooter E5 reached the first point of the route with a state of charge of 85%, which which gives a total distance up to this moment of 16.8 kilometers. Only the Ray 7.7, because of its larger battery, has shown a higher state of charge up to this point.

First round, 50% and end.
State of charge after the first lap, at 50% and end.

The Ecooter E5 is also the third electric scooter with which we take two laps of the course. When returning to the starting point of the test, a 62% remaining charge is shown on the scoreboard, while after having consumed 50% of the battery, we had managed to travel a total of 75.9 kilometers. A distance that seems to indicate that with 100% they will be able to travel about 150 kilometers, but the reality is that it does not end up being that way.

And it is that, it is precisely from this point of the load when the Ecooter E5 begins to move with less vigor, which prevents it from deploying its power as easily as before, resulting in less efficiency.

Finally, we reached the starting point of the test with 114.7 kilometers traveled on the same day, which, adding the 3.2 previously traveled, result in about 117.9 kilometers, almost 30 kilometers less than officially indicatedthe largest difference in data so far in autonomy tests.

Ecooter E5 Pro_0897
Ecooter E5 Pro.

Despite this, it is still a figure that allows us to completely forget about the state of the charge on a day-to-day basis. In fact, and even with the rainy weather, it has been the electric motorcycle with which we have done the most kilometers during our week of tests (approximately 300), which is a good reflection that it is a fully solvent autonomy.

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