This is the Qiantu K20, a small electric two-seater that surprises with its figures

We are used to cheap Chinese electric cars having an appearance, at least different. However, from time to time, very occasionally, they surprise us with such interesting releases as the Qiantu K20. A two-seater with sports tints that in concept and appearance is somewhat reminiscent of the Smart Roadster. The K20 has just started its pre-sale phase in the Asian country, and all the figures on it are much more impressive than we could initially imagine.

Qiantu Motor is one of China’s many nascent electric car manufacturers. From their headquarters in Suzhou they have presented some original models such as the K50, which was in production from 2018 to 2020. That same year, During the celebration of the Beijing Motor Show, Qiantu presented a prototype of what would be the K20 in the future.. Today that concept car has become a real car with looks and features that are cool enough to be taken seriously.


The Chinese have just unveiled the first official images. From what you can see, the coupé and small look is very attractive. Very sharp and balanced lines that create an attractive set in general lines. There is nothing out of tune and they even dare to present unique details such as the shape of the rear window at two heights or the characteristic rear light signature. In a way, the best that can be said about the Qiantu K20 is that it’s average and even pretty.

That same feeling is received from a beautifully presented interior. With a minimalist design, all the attention is given to a large dual panel system. Two screens that will serve as the main axis of the multimedia system. Qiantu has not reported much about the equipment and technologies of the little K20but considering the price and performance, the technological aspect may take a backseat.

Qiantu K20 cockpit

In its usual transparency, the Chinese brand has not reported the technology or battery size of the K20, but it has reported other important data. The weight, for example, only 780 kilograms. It is worth that the measurements of the K20 are small, but we could be talking about one of the lightest electric cars on the market. Benefits have also been reported: Power of 218 horses and torque of 290 Nm. It doesn’t seem like much, but considering the weight it’s more than enough.

Now, we could all think that having an attractive design, a complete interior and quite serious features, the price was going to be crazy, but it is not like that. The Qiantu K20 is offered between 86,800 and 149,8000 yuan, which in turn represents a price range between 12,190 euros and 21,039 euros for the dual motor version with up to 500 kilometers of autonomy. There are many things that make the K20 doubtful, but if it really arrives like this and with these conditions on the market, it will be very interesting to discover how accepted it is.

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