This is the permanent magnet motor that will drive Hyundai’s cheapest electric car

Recently BorgWarner has revealed the key information, as well as an image related to the electric motor that will equip Hyundai’s cheapest electric car. It is a motor with permanent magnet technology that, as the German company has revealed, is destined to serve a Hyundai Motor Company A-segment model.

The propellant is called iDM 146, and owes its name on the one hand to its type (from Integrated Drive Module) and on the other to its dimensions, since it is a block with a diameter of 146 millimeters. It is a propellant designed around the premise of being scalable, that is, its specifications can be varied to adapt to the different needs that the client may have (in this case Hyundai or KIA).

While it is true that BorgWarner has not revealed too many technical details about the engine, so it has released the two most striking aspects about it. On the one hand, they have confirmed that it is intended to be used in cars whose electrical system works with a rated voltage 400V, while on the other hand, it will be able to deliver a power of up to 135 kW, resulting in 184 hp.

It will be a segment A car that equips the BorgWarner iDM 146 module.

With this confirmation, Hyundai ensures the new supply of a key component in an electric car that promises to take on special importance in the sales of the Korean consortium. However, it has not been confirmed that this propellant will be used exclusively for an electric car from the Hyundai firm, but for the Hyundai Motor Company, which also includes KIAso it is expected that the engine will have a place in the ranges of both brands through two different models.

With the confirmation of this new partnership between BorgWarner and Hyundai Motor Company (which is the second this year) both companies continue to extend a period of collaboration that has already spanned more than 20 years.

As the German specialist herself has specified, serial production of the engine is scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2024, confirming in passing the date of commercialization of the expected and affordable electric cars from Hyundai and KIA. A model that, both because of the category in which it will be located and because of its concept, is called to compete with the Dacia Spring, since everything indicates that the two Korean firms will launch two separate urban crossovers to be more attractive to the majority of the public.

Hyundai Casper.
Both Hyundai and KIA are expected to launch electric urban crossovers, similar to the Hyundai Casper in concept.

It remains to be seen, however, if the model destined to equip the BorgWarner iDM 146 is the first to hit the streets, or if instead both models of the two planned will hit the market at the same time.

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