This is the new Nissan Sakura, a small and cheap Japanese electric car

nissan has presented its first electric car of the kei car type, the nissan sakura. A model that fully respects what was shown by the Japanese manufacturer two years ago with the IMK concept, and fulfills the promise of presenting it this year.

According to the concept model, the Nissan Sakura it has changed its design just enough and necessary to be able to enter the production linewith a front with the same proportions but with more organic and less futuristic features, as well as an interior that drinks directly from the design released by the electric Nissan Ariya.

The Nissan Sakura is limited around the necessary measures to enter the Japanese category known as “kei car”in which only very compact vehicles designed to occupy less space in the center of large and crowded Japanese cities, and thus benefit from lower taxes due to their restrained size, militate.

Nissan Sakura electric.
Nissan Sakura electric.

With measures of 3,395 millimeters long1,475 millimeters wide and 1,655 millimeters high, and a wheelbase of 2,495 millimeters, is, for example, 25 centimeters more compact than a FIAT 500 electric. Even with these minuscule dimensions, the Nissan Sakura has space inside to accommodate four adults and offer a volume of 107 liters in its trunk.

The electrical diagram remains in the hands of a 20kWh battery of capacity, which is a moderate size compared to any electric car, (and even with the recently presented electric Urbet Lora and its 15.2 kWh capacity), but according to Nissan, based on the WTLC cycle, it is enough to offer a autonomy with a full charge of 180 kilometerswhich for strictly urban use, which is what it is designed for, is more than enough.

Nissan has not specified charging power, but it does state that through a domestic outlet it will charge its battery in 8 hours, while with a fast charging point it will charge 80% in 40 minutes.

The electric motor is positioned on the front axle and produces a power of 47 kW, which represents 64 hp. With it, and its 195Nm of torque, the Sakura promises to move its 1,040 kilos of weight briskly and reach its 130 kilometers per hour top speed in a solvent manner.

Interior of the electric Nissan Sakura.
The interior of the electric Nissan Sakura shows a design similar to that of the Ariya.

In terms of equipment, the Nissan Sakura includes ADAS, an automatic parking system called ProPILOT Park, a 7-inch digital instrument panel, a 9-inch infotainment touch screen with navigation and automatic climate control.

With the presentation of the production model, Nissan has also confirmed the prices of the Sakura for the Japanese market, which is the only country in which this compact electric car will be available. Starting this summer, the Nissan Sakura will start its marketing with a price that will range between 2,333,100 yen for the most basic version, which means €17,222up to 2,940,300 yen for the most equipped version, which based on the current exchange rate is 21,700 euros.

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