This is the new Mercedes all-wheel drive electric bike: exclusive, expensive and not suitable for the street

Mercedes-Benz, in collaboration with German bicycle manufacturer N+ Bikes, has launched an electric bike to commemorate the championship won by its Formula E team last season, the Mercedes-EQ Team. It is called N+ Championship Editionand it is the most striking model of the entire range of electric bikes of N+ with the Mercedes seal, since thanks to a double electric motor it offers total traction.

With a frame finished in matte black and complemented by blue accents, the N+ Championship Edition is an electric bike articulated around the concept of a road model. Despite this, it is allowed to equip a front fork (the brand does not declare the route or the manufacturer of the same).

The electrical scheme of the N+ Championship Edition is in the hands of two electric motors, each one of them located in the hub of both wheels, which are capable of producing a power of 750Wand complements it with capital letters 130 Nm of torquea figure that stands out from everything seen so far in electric bicycles.

Thanks to the two electric motors, the N+ Championship Edition delivers 750 W of power and 130 Nm of torque.

With this, the N+ Championship Edition can assist pedaling up to 45 kilometers per houra speed that goes beyond what is limited by European regulations, so for use on the streets it must be registered as a moped (with all that this entails).

The battery from which the motors are supplied with energy is located in the vertical tube of the frame, which supports the saddle, and has a capacity of 360Wh. The brand announces a total autonomy with a load of 120 kilometers, although this is taking into account that the bike comes standard with two batteriesso the real autonomy with each module will be 60 kilometers (an optimistic figure, however, given the joint power of the two electric motors.

The transmission remains in the hands of a system that works through a torque sensorwhich automatically adjusts the force to be exerted by the cyclist, so there is no traditional speed and chain change, but instead there is only a single gear and a carbon toothed belt.

This is the Mercedes all-wheel drive electric bicycle
For benefits, for legal purposes the N+ Championship Edition will not be considered an electric bicycle in Europe.

Despite the fact that due to its performance it is an electric bicycle designed for the US market, the brand delivers the N+ Championship Edition for free anywhere in the world. Its price is €6,340and can be reserved with a deposit of 10% of the price (634 euros).

There is the possibility of complementing the order with various accessories, such as fenders (93.60 euros), carbon fiber kickstand with Mercedes-AMG F1 team design (648 euros) and an extra battery (565 euros).

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