This is the new Ferrari solid oxide fuel cell plant

Ferrari has installed a new one megawatt solid oxide fuel cell plant at its factory in Maranello, Italy, as part of its carbon neutrality strategy by 2030.

Built by Bloom Energy and in operation for a few days, the plant supplies 5% of the energy needed for the company’s production activities, with a direct effect on reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Compared to the megawatt of energy produced by CHP (Combined Heat and Power) cogeneration systems, the gas requirement of the new fuel cell system is 20% less, which represents significant energy savings.

ferrari fuel cell plant
New solid oxide fuel cell plant at its factory in Maranello (Italy)

In addition, the technology implemented in this plant offers “high efficiency and flexibility” in the choice of energy sources that feed the system, from hydrogen to natural gas or biomethane, being at no time necessary to resort to combustion.

Ferrari’s CEO, Benedict Vigna, was pleased to partner with Bloom Energy, which is developing its first project in Europe “hand in hand”. “With the adoption of this type of technology, our strategy of neutrality in terms of carbon emissions by 2030 is consolidated”, Vigna pointed out.

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