This is the new BMW X3, and it will be a plug-in hybrid with 100 km of electric range

Only a few months ago BMW launched the renewed BMW X3, both in thermal versions and the 100% electric version, the iX3, but the German brand is already working on the new generation of its SUV. A new iteration that will bring long-range plug-in hybrid versions.

The brand is already developing the power trains that will give rise to these electrified versions, and this is confirmed by the spy photos that accompany these lines. Although the images have been taken in Germany, test units of the same model have also been sighted on the open road in Spain during these days.

That it is a BMW SUV is clear because of its front design, in which both the headlights and the openings in the camouflage to cool the technical part through the typical kidneys give it away as such.


On the other hand, the presence of stickers in which it is identified as an electrified vehicle, and the tailpipe that appears behind the photographed unit, is responsible for certifying that we are facing a unit that supports the development of the hybrid versions of the new X3. In addition, a second cover similar to the access to the fuel cap indicates that this is not a conventional hybrid, but a plug-in hybrid.

In terms of design, and despite the thick camouflage film that covers the entire body, Significant changes are already visible with respect to the current BMW X3, since it will evolve towards the aesthetics that the latest BMW models have shown thanks to the new design language. A body with more elongated proportions will ensure that the whole is more efficient in the aerodynamic plane, while the headlights resemble those seen in the BMW iX, which together with the i7 is the technological flagship of the brand at the moment .

The next generation of the X3, therefore, will arrive with the plug-in hybrid variants as the most representative of the range above the conventional thermal ones, while the electric iX3, which is also under development, will be placed above all as the most technological option and advanced.


It is still pronto to predict a date of arrival on the market and begin to take certain technical aspects for granted, but based on the data that it already presumes its main rival, the Mercedes-Benz GLC in its plug-in hybrid versions, we can think that by the time the plug-in hybrid X3 reaches the market, it will boast a range of around 100 kilometers in its most efficient versions. Presumably there will be rear-wheel drive sDrive versions and all-wheel drive versions called xDrive.

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