This is the most “top” electric mountain bike with double suspension from El Corte Inglés

Although it is not one of the most recurrent e-commerce portals today, The English Court continues to enjoy an extensive range of products on the internet. The large supermarket chain also sells a wide range of electric bikesamong which stands out the Kross Soil Boost 1.0 for being the only full-suspension e-mtb currently marketed by El Corte Inglés.

It is a trail-type electric bicycle that seeks to satisfy the needs of those who demand more from their electric mountain bike without needing a competition or carbon e-mtb, although it is allowed to equip some elements more typical of electric bicycles of high-end. It will, therefore, be an appropriate electric bicycle for those who carry out demanding off-road routes, but nothing extreme or radical.

Its geometry is articulated around a 6061 type aluminum frame, and in which a RockShox Deluxe Select R shock absorber takes place. This is complemented by a front fork manufactured by Suntour, model SR Aion 35. Both springs have 150 millimeters of travel. Its cycle part is completed by completing a system of 4-piston caliper brakes and a 12-speed transmission, both made by Shimano.

  Kroos Soil Boost 1.0
Kroos Soil Boost 1.0

It is also the Japanese specialist who is in charge of the electrical assistance group that will provide the cyclist with extra power, and also provides the set with one of the most cutting-edge propellers, even if it is not the Shimano STEPS EP8. It’s a STEPS DU-E8000 which, placed on the bottom bracket hub, assists the cyclist with a nominal power of 250 W and a torque of 70 Nm.

The battery from which the electric motor is powered is located just above it, in the lower tube of the frame. It is removable and has a 630Wh capacity. Given the purpose of the Kroos Soil Boost 1.0, it should be able to comfortably complete a day of riding. The brand says that with a full battery charge, and in the most favorable circumstances, it can travel up to 145 kilometers, an optimistic figure but one that is indicative that it will be able to complete full days without major problems.

El Corte Inglés currently sells the Kross Soil Boost 1.0 on their website in exchange for a price of €5,498Although it is a high price for general standards, based on its concept and components it does not seem exorbitant. It is easy, however, to find it elsewhere for a slightly lower price.

  Kroos Soil Boost 1.0..
The Kroos Soil Boost 1.0 is only available in the gray color of the images.

For almost 1,500 euros less than the Kross Soil Boost 1.0, Decathlon offers in Spain the Stillus E-Allmountain, which seeks precisely to cover the same spectrum of customers as the German model, while improving the specifications of its electrical scheme by reaching up to 85 Nm thanks to its motor, a Bosch Performance Line Fourth generation CX. The battery capacity, coincidentally, is the same.

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