This is the minimalist electric bicycle of Scrat: when less is more

The Scrat S2 electric bike seeks to differentiate itself from the competition for the opposite of other manufacturers: simplicity. Despite what many may think, not everyone wants an electric bicycle that looks like a high-tech vehicle packed with features that are often never used. The Scrat S2 is designed for those who just want to have a normal looking bike, light, with electric assistance to help them pedal for their urban tours without giving up high quality components.

The Scrat S2 has been created by Scrat Bikes, a Hong Kong company that describes it as a single-speed gravel bike, with a flat bar, electric assist and integrated lights that suggest it’s meant for city tours. The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy with a black painted carbon front fork that gives it a distinctive character. The handlebar and stem, also carbonhelp to absorb the vibrations caused by the pavement, since it lacks a damping system, while reducing the total weight of the bicycle.

As for the electric pedaling assistance system, it is made up of a 250W rear hub motor offering its push up to the 25km/h maximum speed, as required by European regulations for EPAC vehicles. The battery that powers it works at 36V and 7Ah which means that it has an energy capacity of 252Wh. The autonomy announced by the manufacturer is approximately 60 kilometers. It is integrated into the frame, which means that to recharge it, it is necessary to bring the bicycle close to a domestic socket, where it will take approximately 2.5 hours to recover all its energy. The single speed transmission leans on one Gates carbon strap It requires little maintenance, is completely silent and also offers a smooth and easy pedaling.

Scrat S2-indoor electric bike
The Scrat S2 electric bike has a battery built into the frame that requires you to bring the bike close to a domestic plug to recharge it.

The frame of the Scrat S2 integrates a led light set. At the front is a 235 lumen Supernova Mini 2 headlight that sits just below the handlebars and at the rear is a LightSKIN red LED light strip that mounts to the seat post.

On the handlebar is a 1.3-inch OLED screen mounted on the stem that allows you to choose between the different electric assistance modes. An application installed on the mobile gives access to information such as speed, distance traveled or battery charge level.

All wiring is routed through the frame. The hydraulically actuated disc brakes are Tektro R290, the tires are Schwalbe G-One Bite Performance 700 x 40c, and it includes frame mounts for a kickstand, fender and rear rack. All these characteristics result in a final weight for the Scrat S2 of 12.8 kilograms.

The Scrat S2 electric bike can be reserved at through microfinance platform Indiegogo. If you achieve your goal, all those who have contributed to it will be able to get a unit for half the price, for approximately 1,613 euros. The final price, when it goes on sale, will be about €3,200. It will be available in various colors: matte black, metallic white, orange/black and red/black.

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