This is the Lumin Corn, an electric that wants to dethrone the Wuling MINI EV, the cheapest in the world

The Chinese manufacturer Changan has just presented its particular rival for what is the most affordable electric car sold in its local market, the Wuling MINI EV. They have named it Changan Lumin Cornand as can be seen in the images, it is a small electric car whose main attribute is a much more elaborate design than the model you want to dethrone.

Round and nice lines that, undeniably, are reminiscent of those of European models such as the MINI Cooper, or more recently, and sticking to the Chinese market, those of the ORA Good Cat (which in turn drinks from classic Volkswagen and Porsche designs). Proof of its elaborate design is that despite being an extremely compact electric car (and at least in the images provided by the brand), it is a vehicle of much more successful proportions than those of the models that militate in the category to which it belongs. that sucks, like the Chery QQ Ice Cream.

The dimensions of the Lumin Corn are limited in 3.27 meters long1.70 meters wide and 1.54 meters high, with a wheelbase of 1.98 meters and a weight of 840 kilos, and even with this it manages to offer space inside for four occupants, distributed in a 2 + 2 arrangement, although to tell the truth, with respect to the Wuling MINI EV, the Lumin Corn is just over 35 centimeters longer .

Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 06.13.22
Changan Lumin Corn electric.

Beyond its round and nice aesthetics, the cleanliness of the lines is striking, as well as the size of the access doors to the passenger compartment and the unusual rear overhang, since this type of car does not usually lengthen its rear too much with respect to the rear axle. .

The technical part is articulated around an electric motor that, positioned on the front axle, will produce 30 kW of power (41 hp). Later the possibility of the arrival of a more powerful variant is considered, but for now the existing one will have to be combined with three different batteries, 13, 18 or 28 kWh that will achieve autonomy 155 kilometers, 201 and 301, respectively.

Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 13.05.48
Inside the Changan Lumin Corn.

It remains to be seen, however, the price to which Changan puts the Lumin Corn up for sale in China, since to make it commercially competitive they will have to place it in an aggressive price range.

And it is that the Wuling MINI EV has become the electric car of the masses in China. This is evidenced by its sales, since it has managed to market during the first three months of this year no less than more than 100,000 units that have earned it the third position in the ranking of pure electric sales, only behind the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, first and second, respectively.

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