This is the Livewire S2 Del Mar, the “cheapest” electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson

Finally Harley-Davidson has revealed images and some data of what is the second electric motorcycle in its history, and the first model launched one hundred percent under the new Livewire electric sub-brand. It’s about the Livewire S2 Del Mar in its special launch edition “Launch Edition”, a series limited to 100 units which to the chagrin of fans and potential customers, has only been confirmed for the United States, at least for now.

The Livewire S2 Del Mar is a model that, both due to its concept and the numbers on its technical sheet, is postulated as a less pretentious electric motorcycle than the meteoric one. Livewire One. Although the brand at the moment has not gone into too much detail about the specifications of the S2 Del Mar, it has made it known that the company’s goal is that the autonomy of the S2 Del Mar is approximately 160 kilometers in urban areas.

The power, meanwhile, will be 80 CV, and will allow to achieve a zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in 3.5 seconds. Although they do not specify whether it is the maximum power or the nominal power, it does suggest that a relatively large battery size, since they have reserved this last aspect for the presentation of the production version.

Livewire Del Mar S2 Electric.
Livewire Del Mar S2 Electric.

The S2 Del Mar is also the first model to release the arrow platform for electric motorcycles of the brand, whose main characteristic is that it makes the battery pack itself part of the structure of the motorcycle. The use of the structural battery brings several advantages, among them an assembly time and a lower total weight. Under the Livewire One, the brand says it will take less time to build, while they expect the total weight of the production version to be below 190 kilos.

The design that the brand has shown is related to the special edition “Launch Edition”, a series made up of 100 units that makes up the launch edition of the Livewire del Mar S2, and which only took less than 20 minutes to be awarded completely . The price of this edition is 17,699 dollars (just under 16,800 euros at the current exchange rate), and was available in Jasper Gray and Comet Indigo colors.

Livewire of the Sea.
Livewire of the Sea.

Given that the launch has been produced only in the United States, and that the 100 units that made up the special launch edition were exclusive to this market, the brand has not confirmed anything about its arrival in Europe.

The 80 horsepower of the S2 Del Mar distances it from the bulk of European customers who expected the model to be equivalent to 125, which would make it suitable for driving with a car license and two years old or the A2. In this sense, the CEO of Harley-Davidson has hinted that the brand is already immersed in the development of a more affordable model, as well as a more powerful model that also uses the Arrow platform. Models that will follow the nomenclature released by the S2 Del Mar, called S3 and S1, respectively.

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