This is the interior of the XPeng G9, the electric SUV that will bring down the Chinese car concept

For many years, when we have talked about the incipient Chinese automobile industry, we have done so referring to low-priced, low-quality models. However, Asian manufacturers want to convince the world that they know how to pay as much attention to detail as the most famous European brands. The XPeng G9 will be the flagship of the brand and now, seeing its interior for the first timeit is clearer than ever that Chinese brands want to fight for price and quality.

The truth is that the G9 is not new. The first time we saw it was at the end of last year. On November 19, XPeng presented to the world what will be its most expensive, largest and most luxurious car. Entering the segment of SUVs close to 4.9 meters, the Chinese manufacturer has announced that the XPeng G9 will reach the European market. We do know that the first deliveries will be made in China from next September, but the plans for other markets have not yet been revealed, but rest assured that it will end up arriving sooner rather than later.

Quality is something that is appreciated in any country and on any continent, but it is especially important in European industry, although the local generalist manufacturers have taken a small step backwards lately. Other brands such as Hyundai or KIA want to take advantage of this weakness to position their products above the category standard, something that XPeng also wants to take advantage of. The G9 will rival the KIA EV6, the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Ford Mustang Mach-e, among others, for price

That means we are talking about a model whose starting price is at a barrier close to 60,000 euros, and may exceed the barrier of 70,000 euros in the most complete versions and with better finishes, as is the case of the unit that XPeng presents us in the video. The truth is that at first glance it conveys great execution in the finishes and great attention to detail. It will have top quality materials, such as Nappa leather, which will surround the most advanced technology of the house.

What is most striking is the presence of three imposing screens. A smaller one doing the functions of digital instrumentation, and next to it two large panels with a size 15 inches. One of them will allow the front passenger to be entertained with various functionalities. All the equipment will be managed by a high-power Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 processor. In addition to the imposing presence of embedded technology and high-quality materials, the G9 will offer one of the most impressive support teams in the world.

With a total of 31 LiDAR radars and dual intelligent assisted driving chips developed by NVIDIA, the XPeng G9 will offer the latest evolution of the XPilot 4.0 program. Mechanically, the Asian manufacturer has announced a power of up to 551 horsepower and an approved autonomy of 650 kilometers (we imagine that in the NEDC cycle). There are two versions that will land on the market, one with a single engine and rear-wheel drive and another with a dual engine and all-wheel drive. We imagine that both will be able to land in Europe from next year, which is when the start of their marketing could be expected.

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