This is the first preview of the Polestar 4, Polestar’s most “affordable” electric SUV

With the Polestar 2 having started its commercialization and settling at a cruising pace, and with the incipient Polestar 3 glimpsing its presentation, next year the Swedish firm will unveil what will be the most compact electric SUV, and therefore the most affordable of its kind. range, the Polestar 4. A model that the brand has hinted at thanks to a brief teaser that leaves behind several revealing aspects.

The brand has taken advantage of a statement that was intended to make known that the expansion planned by Polestar for this 2022 continues at a good pace, in which it announces that they will close the year with 150 Polestar centers around the world, to show an image of which will be its range of models for 2024.

The well-known Polestar 2 takes place in it, until now the only member of the range of models manufactured in series by the firm (the Polestar 1 was a limited edition of about 1,500 units); the Polestar 3, whose presentation will take place in the coming months; the Polestar 4 is the most compact electric SUV planned at the moment, and the Polestar 5, the GT-type electric saloon that will derive directly from the conceptual Polestar Precept previously presented by the brand.

This will be Polestar's range of electric cars by 2024.
This will be Polestar’s range of electric cars by 2024.

Of all of them, the model with the least amount of information was the Polestar 3, since it has only been shown once before. In the latest preview, of the four models that take place in the image, it is the one that remains hidden under the canvas, certifying this time what type of body will be the one that marks its exterior design.

It is the one that Polestar itself has described as a direct rival to the electric Porsche Macan, so it will be a premium D-segment SUV. Its bodywork, as we have been able to see in the spy photos of the German model, will be marked by a sharp fall of the roof towards the rear, a solution that defines it as a crossover with a coupé body, similar to the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz. GLC Coupe.

These are the next three Polestar models.
Polestar preview preview in which Polestar 4 took place.

The fact that the canvas that hides the Polestar 4 is slightly translucent also makes it visible, it will share a bumper design very similar to the one we saw yesterday with the Polestar 3, as well as there will be a clear evolution of the rear light signature, than from Polestar 2, since in addition to showing off an inverted design, it will lose the gesture at the ends of the LED line to fall vertically on Polestar 4 and 5.

At the moment, and given that the model that takes the most importance for the brand based on an earlier arrival is the Polestar 3, the Swedish firm has not made public any technical or performance data on this model, so it is to be expected to the presentation of this, which will take place in October, to start having more concise information about the Polestar 4.

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