This is the first image of Xiaomi’s electric and autonomous car

With an investment of 10,000 million dollars, Xiaomi announced last year one of the most far-reaching news in the technology industry, as it will compete in the automotive sector hand in hand with their own electric and autonomous cars. Now, for the first time, Xiaomi has seen a peculiar electric car on the streets, testing its autonomous driving technology.

The only image that has come to light so far has been through the Chinese press, and later it has proliferated on technology portals such as Gizmo China. In the photograph, an apparently electric blue car has a bulky sensor on its roof, proof that the Chinese company is testing its LiDAR radars.

In addition, it is Xiaomi itself that is responsible for certifying that it is an electric car that is carrying out its testing work on its autonomous driving technology through the exterior adhesives, which make up the inscription “Xiaomi Autonomous Driving Test” (once translated from Chinese). Presumably this is the technology whose patent came to light months ago.

The photo, whose size and definition leave much to be desired, shows a car finished in blue with white stickers and a design that is unlike anything we have seen before. Because of the multitude of Chinese firms that abound in this market, It could be a model from another brand that Xiaomi has borrowed for the occasion.

In the event that it is a design by Xiaomi itself, this does not have to be the one that finally makes its way into the Chinese manufacturer’s production line. It can also be a simple test mule, with a different body from the one that the model will finally have, or a prototype that advances part of the features of the production model. Let’s remember, Xiaomi was in the position of choosing between a sedan or SUV type car, and the model in the image corresponds to a sedan-type electric car of about 5 meters in length.

Be that as it may, the truth is that Xiaomi is on its way to meeting the deadlines announced in the first instance. The Chinese firm announced on March 30 of last year its intention to enter the automobile industry, and just a year and a half later they already have a prototype carrying out tests of their autonomous driving technology. Technology that the Chinese firm wants to use as a hallmark of its range of electric cars.

If everything continues, then, as planned by Xiaomi, it will be for 2024 when they begin to mass-produce their first model, of which they intend to manufacture some 300,000 units per year.

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