This is the first image of the new electric SUV from MINI

At MINI they are heading towards a complete renewal of their range and their well-known models. This renewal will make effective the disappearance of certain bodies, as well as add others of new invoice. One of the most anticipated models, and which will be one of the next to be known, will be the MINI Countryman, which will be championed by its BMW cousin, the renewed X1. However, in the coming weeks, MINI will show the main lines of design of a new electric crossover vehicle and of which they have already released a first teaser.

It is a new model that will be presented publicly at the end of July, it will incorporate a new design language that will mean a new leap in the aesthetic image of all future models. This mentioned design will be known as Charismatic Simplicity and bring a significant change in trend towards electrification, digitization and sustainability in all its products; all this without giving up its most classic premise and the one that governs most of its models: sportsmanship.

The teaser presented by MINI is quite brief, and although the lines that this future electric crossover could have are slightly glimpsed, the truth is that MINI has been in charge of keeping the mystery intact. However, certain details can be seen in the published image, such as the black plastic decoration on the bottom of the model, an appendage that is inserted in the majority of similar models and that gives the vehicle that country and capable character. It is also sensed a new design of its traditional round headlightsnow with certain more angular lines, as well as specific rims for this model that will favor the channeling of air and, with this, less aerodynamic resistance.

Detail of the new LED light signature.
Detail of the new LED light signature.

Additionally, there is also a silhouette with the traditional lines that MINI already inserted in its original model. This conceptual model will advance the aesthetic lines that were already leaked a few months ago on the 3-door electric MINI and which significantly modifies what has been seen so far, while keeping its original philosophy intact. In this conceptual model, the new rear light signature will be released, which although it continues to be a representation of the British flag, each model will be able to create its own light signature, thus making the aesthetics of each of them more personal.

This new generation of MINI will be marked mainly by the widespread acceptance of electrification throughout its range. Until now, the only electric model that can be purchased with this mechanism is the 3-door body, something that will change completely in the coming months with the launch of new models, including a new electric crossover, as well as the update of the MINI Countryman. “The adoption of electrification will bring a unique opportunity to rethink vehicle design”, according to Oliver Heilmer, design director of the company.

The new models will be directly on track towards electrification. Every centimeter of it has been developed for this purpose. This detail leads to a more spacious interior than the current one despite the fact that certain models keep their dimensions unchanged. As Oliver Heilmer has been able to tell, each of the new MINI models will bring with them their own personal designs, although they all present a basic elemental line.

The new design line, Charismatic Simplicity, will give each of the MINI models a personal image and individual charisma.; This will be one of the fundamental pillars of this new rule. It will also focus its value on reducing the number of components and focusing on essential elements, such as the greater use of the touch screen to the detriment of physical buttons for the interior. A more notorious use of materials of artificial origin will also be made, thus moving away from animal leather.

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