This is the first image of the Ioniq 6 N, the most radical version of Hyundai’s electric

A little over a week ago we got to know the Ioniq 6, the second production electric car in Hyundai’s Ioniq range, and the arrival of a version that will be at the top of the range is already on the horizon. electric Saloon, the Ioniq 6N.

As we well know, the division n of Hyundai is the one in charge of developing the sportier variants of their street models. Until now he has only worked with internal combustion models, but as trends dictate, it was only a matter of time before the first electric came with the Hyundai N seal.

It has been through the social networks of the Korean manufacturer that the first image of the Ioniq 6 N has come to light. Although it is true that the model cannot be appreciated in its entirety, it is possible to clearly see its image in a thick fog. unmistakable rear, further complemented by a large spoiler that It apparently replaces one of the two aerodynamic appendages that used to take place at the rear of the conventional Ioniq 6.

Ioniq 6 electric.
Ioniq 6 electric.

Resorting to a spoiler of this type seems like a solution that will provide advantages in the aerodynamic plane (not so much in terms of efficiency), as well as a much more sporty and radical image that will set it apart from the conventional Ioniq 6 design.

Until the official presentation of the model does not take place, we will not know its technical data. However, the chances that the power of the Korean electric approaches or exceeds 600 hp It’s on the table. Let us remember that the Ioniq 6 is based on the same platform as the KIA EV6, the e-GMP of the Korean consortium, and in the KIA model the GT version reaches 585 hp.

Given the only advance that we have at the moment of the Ioniq 6 N, we can expect a more radical approach than that of the KIA EV6 GT, both on the side of its cycle part, as well as an increase in power.

The main change in the design of the Ioniq 6 will be the presence of a large spoiler.

However, the electric Ioniq 6 is not expected to appear alone on the scene, as the brand has hinted that it will be presented by the Ioniq 5 N, as well as a third model that still casts doubt. It is a vehicle that they have shown, for the moment, under a canvas in which only a great total distance, with a long one. Among other possibilities, it is being considered that this is the sports car that is the result of joint work between Hyundai and Rimac, a collaboration that has already come to an end but that could also lead to a serial production model.

To completely get out of doubt, we will have to wait for the so-called Hyundai N Day 2022, which will be broadcast in the early hours of July 15.

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