This is the first image of the Honda Prologue, the new electric SUV from Honda

From Honda they are willing to launch a series of new purely electric models in the coming years. The next to arrive will be profiled under an SUV body and, from the Japanese firm, they have already made public a first official teaser of the model. This will hit the market in 2024 and will present lines very similar to what we already knew a couple of years ago about the prototype called Honda SUV e: concept.

At the beginning of last summer, Honda released the announcement of the arrival of the Prologue and of which it had already anticipated what its main lines would be a year earlier. This announced model will reach the different markets in the year 2024 and will come from the hand of General Motors, who will provide its Ultium platform for electric cars, as well as the manufacturing of the model under the roof of its plant located in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

The Honda Prologue will be presented as the first fully electric volume model that the company will launch en masse, although from the Japanese firm’s directive only they have committed to manufacturing a total of 70,000 units per yearin combination with the Acura SUV that will arrive in parallel for specific markets.

Aesthetically, it bases its design on the conceptual model that we met two years ago.
Aesthetically, it bases its design on the conceptual model that we met two years ago now.

Today, Honda has released a first image of what will be its next 100% electric SUV model, thus moving away from what has been presented so far with the Honda e.

In general terms, its resemblance to the aforementioned conceptual model is remarkable, although there are obvious differences between the two vehicles. Among them is a much more commercial front, which is sealed under two narrow and elongated headlights united under a molding -apparently- finished in piano black where the Honda logo is housed.

Throughout the bodywork, details typical of an adventurous model are inserted, as this Honda Prologue is expected to be. All the underbody of the vehicle is decorated with black plastics, as well as a raised suspension to guarantee its behavior off the asphalt. The charging socket is located on the left front wing. About its rear, the brand has not yet released any image, so it remains a complete mystery, however it is expected that it will bear multiple similarities with what has been seen so far in other models of the Japanese brand, such as the Honda HR- V e:HEV that we were able to test a few months ago.

In order of brand, Honda has been able to do its homework well and, to this day, only sells vehicles under the seal of the coveted ECO or Zero label of the DGT, since all of them are hybridized or electrified, to a greater or lesser extent. For the years to come, the Japanese have already made public their interest in increasing their range of electric vehicles, either through the use of batteries or a hydrogen fuel cell. A few weeks ago we learned that Honda will invest almost 37,000 million euros in the development of electrical and software technology, since its idea involves the launch of 30 new electric cars until the year 2030, with the support of General Motors for certain cases.

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