This is the Ducati V21L battery: Ducati’s first electric motorcycle arrives with 800 V

Ducati has been in charge of designing the motorcycle that will take, in its entirety, the MotoE starting grid for the 2023 season. The development of the model has already culminated, and with it the Italian firm has revealed the final technical specifications of which is his first electric motorcycle, the Ducati V21Lleaving several striking aspects behind.

Among everything confirmed by Ducati, it stands out, on the one hand, that the electrical system of the V21L will work with a nominal voltage of 800 V, something not seen so far on any electric motorcycle. Among other aspects, a voltage of 800 V will allow fast charging times between training sessions, although it is an aspect on which they have not given any details.

It also highlights the design of the battery case. According to Ducati, the design of the carcass has attended to the needs of the motorcycle at all times during its development, and has not conditioned the rest of the V21L in any way.

This is the Ducati electric motorcycle for MotoE.
This is the Ducati electric motorcycle for MotoE.

The latter is responsible for the fact that despite the battery capacity being 18 kWh the total weight of the motorcycle does not shoot up too much, as Ducati has managed to keep the tare weight of the set at 225 kilos. This weight represents a significant reduction with respect to the previous model that took a position on the MotoE starting grid, manufactured by Energica, since it weighed 262 kilos.

The key to saving weight lies in two aspects. One is in the size of the battery itself, which is reduced by 2 kWh compared to the 20 kWh of the Energica model, and the other in that the casing is made entirely of carbon fiber. As Ducati has specified, the battery of the V21L is composed of a total of 1,152 cells of type 21700and by itself it weighs 110 kilos, which is almost 50% of the total weight of V21L.

Regarding its performance, Ducati has confirmed that the maximum speed of the electric V21L will reach up to 275 kilometers per hour. A figure that, although high in general terms, is far from that achieved by its gasoline competition motorcycles.

This is the Ducati electric motorcycle for MotoE
This is the Ducati electric motorcycle for MotoE

The electric motor responsible for the performance of the V21L produces 110 kW of power, which translates into 150 hp, complemented by a 140Nm torque. Figures that compared to street motorcycles do not seem excessively high, but they are those dictated by the MotoE regulations and the same ones that the electric motor of the Energica model dispensed. Of course, both the electric motor and the battery have a liquid cooling system.

Unlike the petrol models, and although it is technically possible, the transmission of the Ducati V21L only has one ratio, so it is a direct transmission to the rear axle that does not need a clutch. This encourages the left lever to be used for the rear brake instead of engaging the clutch. The cycle part of the V21L has just been complemented by a suspension system manufactured by the specialist Öhlins, as well as a brake kit supplied by the renowned Brembo.

To see the Ducati V21L in action, we will have to wait for next season. At the moment the organization of the competition has not confirmed the calendar for next year.

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