This is the Ducati Air Pro III, Ducati’s top-of-the-range electric scooter has 50 km of autonomy

Despite having an image strongly linked to competition and radical high-powered gasoline motorcycles, Ducati is one of the firms that has the greatest offer in terms of last-mile electric mobility. Now it adds to its catalog of products of this nature the Ducati Air Pro IIIits most complete and best resolved electric scooter.

This model joins the other three that the Italian firm has previously presented, the Ducati Pro II, the Ducati Air (the most basic and affordable) and the Ducati Pro I Evo, in addition to the brand’s electric mountain bikes, as well like the Ducati E-Scrambler, which is his particular bet for the city.

With the launch of the Ducati Air Pro III, the Italians intend to cover the tastes and needs of those users who demand more technology, and it is that with respect to its brothers, the Pro III stands out for elements such as NFC connectivity and a larger screen on its handlebars. .

ducati airpro iii

Ducati Air Pro III.

Also in the aesthetic section, the Pro III stands out from the other electric scooters signed by Ducati, since it has a much more aggressive and sporty design than the rest, mainly granted by the black color and the accents of red and white colors, usual in the firm. This is also helped by the small simile of the front fairing that they have placed on the front fender to assimilate it to the firm’s motorcycles.

The electrical diagram of the Ducati Air Pro III is in the hands of an electric motor located in the hub of the rear wheel that performs 350 W of nominal power (constant) although it can offer peak powers of up to 515 W. However, the speed will always be limited to a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour, although you can choose to limit it automatically to 6, 15, 20, 25 kilometers per hour to better adapt to the conditions around you.

The electric motor takes electricity from a battery that is placed under the platform and achieves a capacity of 468 Wh. To complete a charge you will need 9 hours, and with a full battery will be able to achieve autonomies of up to 50 kilometers, according to Ducati itself. It weighs 17.5 kilos and its magnesium structure is capable of carrying loads of up to 100 kilos, while for braking it relies on a front and rear disc system.

In the practical section, a hook to hang objects is placed just behind the screen, under the handlebar, as well as a high-power LED headlight that will illuminate the road as the electric scooter passes. It will also provide a better grip on the rubber covered platform.


Ducati Air Pro III screen.

One of the most peculiar features of the Ducati Air Pro III is that it has NFC connectivity, since its unlocking is achieved by means of a card that is placed on the 2.3-inch screen as a key. According to the Ducati website, the Ducati Air Pro III is priced at 799 euros.

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