This is the Delorean Alpha 5, the electric car with which the legendary American firm is reborn

A little less than 20 hours after its official presentation, the final design of the Delorean Alpha V, the first model the reborn Delorean. The popular American firm, known for its DMC-12 and its role in the Back To The Future series, reappears on the scene with an electric car that intends to compete face to face against the Porsche Taycan.

The company in charge of providing the Alpha V with an exterior design that is up to the task has been italdesignwho has taken several very characteristic features of the classic sports car that made Delorean famous, among them the type of access doors to the passenger compartment, of the ‘gull-wing’ type, as well as a rear window replaced by a piece made up of vertical slats , a solution that equipped the DMC-12 to release heat from its central engine.

The design of the cabin, for the moment, remains unknown, although the filtered images show a configuration of four seats in 2 + 2 arrangement, with some front seats with a marked sporty aesthetic.

Delorean Alpha 5..
The electric Delorean Alpha 5 is an electric sedan with a coupé image.

At the moment the brand has revealed information with a dropper, since the bulk of the details have been reserved to give them tomorrow, just before the official presentation of the model, which will take place at the Pebble Beach beauty pageant during this month of August.

We do know several aspects that the brand has been revealing over time, including that it will have a autonomy based on the EPA cycle of around 500 kilometerswhich is a figure much higher than that of the electric car with which it wants to compete, the Porsche Taycan, which in its version with more autonomy is not expected to homologate much more than 400 kilometers in the American EPA cycle, which is much stricter and more realistic in terms of consumption and autonomy than the European WLTP cycle.

Delorean Alpha 5.
Delorean Alpha 5.

Although the model will officially see the light during these days, it will not be until 2024 when the brand will have been able to deliver the first unitsbased on their forecasts, which means a period of only three years since they announced that they were working again on models in order to resurrect the brand, although as they have commented, not all of them will be electric.

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