This is the CUPRA Terramar, a plug-in hybrid compact SUV with 100 km of electric range

Last night CUPRA celebrated the most important night of the year. The Spanish brand presented up to three completely different models that will mark the line of action for the next few years. Electrification will have a very important specific weight in its future strategy, and together with it we will find various formats, mainly SUVs. The CUPRA Terramar It will be a compact SUV with plug-in hybrid mechanics that we will see sooner than we imagine.

CUPRA had been warning for some time about the soiree it had prepared at the Terramar circuit, one of the oldest in the world and the first on the Iberian Peninsula. Within its famous oval layout, the Spanish brand, with its CEO, Wayne Griffiths, at the helm, has highlighted the launch program for the coming years. Three new models, plus the renewal of those already present, will guide the company to a new level.

Although they have not wanted to provide much information about him, the CUPRA Terramar will become the brand’s first electrified SUV. Using plug-in hybrid technology, it will have a marked sporty accent, honoring its name and the track it represents. It will position itself as a direct rival of the compact SUV category with an approximate measurement of 4.5 meterswhere we see rivals of the stature of the Audi Q3, with which by the way it will share the assembly line at the Audi factory in Györ.

It is clear that the Terramar is committed to a different aesthetic from the current range. Although in proportions it is reminiscent of the CUPRA Ateca, it is very different from it. The grill focuses much of the attention with a bulky bumper and a very ribbed hood, a hallmark of the house. Keep in mind that at the moment it is a prototype, so its final appearance may vary significantly. in its final stage of launch.

In CUPRA they have not detailed specific aspects of its performance or its mechanical assembly. The only allusions refer to a plug-in hybrid scheme and other mechanical options with conventional combustion engines. The most efficient version of all will have a great autonomy, around 100 kilometers of range, which implies the presence of a large battery and one or two electric motors. This version will focus on performance, so we imagine that it will be the top model in the range.

Forecasts indicate that the CUPRA Terramar will be launched on the market in 2024 with the conglomerate’s current MQB platform. It will be the first on the list of novelties to see the light of day, behind it will be the CUPRA Tavascan, an SUV coupé with a similar approach to the Terramar, and after them the smallest member of the family, the CUPRA Urban Revel, which will be located in the same category as the Volkswagen ID.1 and the Skoda Elroq, which recently revealed its trade name.

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