This is the cheapest KIA e-Niro that can be bought in Spain, the most sensible electric car?

KIA has just launched in Spain one of the most interesting electric cars on the market. It’s about the KIA e-Niro, a model that in its second generation gains attractiveness and maturity while maintaining the essence of affordable electric power that made its previous version popular. A facet that takes on special relevance in the most affordable version that can be purchased in Spain.

With a price that in Spain starts at 34,400 euros (27,400 eurosincluding promotional actions and the maximum 7,000 euros provided by the Moves III Plan), the e-Niro is postulated as one of the most sensible and efficient purchases that can be made today in terms of electric cars.

This price is relative to the Concept equipment linewhich being the simplest of the three that make up the e-Niro range in our country, is allowed to offer equipment elements such as a lane-keeping assistance system, a high-beam assistant, an emergency braking assistance system (front collision) with pedestrian recognition, parking exit collision avoidance warning, automatic lights with rear optics with LED technology, parking assistance camera with rear parking sensors, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and 8-inch touch screen inches.

Interior of the KIA e-Niro.
Interior of the KIA e-Niro.

Regarding design and aesthetics, the Niro has a paint finish that does not imply an extra cost for the buyer, the Runway Red (whose images accompany these lines), while white and the rest of the colors suppose an additional cost of 200 and 500 euros, respectively. The wheels are 17 inches in dual tone, and the interior is finished in dark color with cloth seats with gray center area.

At the moment, and contrary to what happened with the previous generation, the electric KIA Niro is only marketed under a single mechanical option, and it is an improved version of the longer-range variant of the previous model. The electrical system remains in the hands of a 64.8 kWh capacity batterythe same figure as before, but now, thanks to improved efficiency, manages to extract up to 463 kilometers with a full charge. The electric motor, for its part, produces 150 kW of power, which translates into 204 hpallowing it to achieve zero to one hundred in 7.8 seconds.

Kia e Niro
Kia e-Niro.

In the absence of testing it and knowing how it behaves, in Hybrids and Electrics we have already met the new Niro in person, and with this verified that it is an electric car that offers a passenger compartment with a good perceived quality, while the exterior is It seems groundbreaking both for what KIA had accustomed us with the Niro, as well as with respect to its competition.

Regarding his rivals, only the electric Hyundai Kona can cope with the relationship between price and product that the Niro boastssince the Nissan Leaf is very outdated waiting for a new generation, while other compact electric models of the latest generation, such as the CUPRA Born or the Volkswagen ID.3 offer much higher starting prices in exchange for less autonomy.

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