This is the cheapest full-suspension electric e-mtb sold by Decathlon in Spain

Within Decathlon’s range of electric bicycles, Stilus stands as the leading brand for its mountain biking. So far in Hybrids and Electrics we have released the Stilus AM V2 and the E-All Mountain, two models that stand out from what the bulk of the market can afford due to their price. However, Decathlon also offers in Spain the Stilus E-STthe full suspension electric mountain bike most affordable of the French chain.

As usual in Decathlon, the price at which they have placed the Stilus E-ST positions it very aggressively in the market, since it costs the same as the cheapest electric mountain bikes from leading brands, such as Scott, Canyon or Specialized. but on them it is allowed to offer a double suspension scheme, thus distancing itself greatly from all the models that market this type of brand in its price range, which is usually between 2,600 and 3,000 euros.

According to the Decathlon website, currently la Stilus E-ST is priced in Spain at 2,799.99 eurosand it is only available with the frame finished in the light blue color of the images.

Stilus E-ST
Stilus E-ST.

What Decathlon has done with this model is, around an aluminum geometry, to articulate a competent electrical diagramwhile the rest of the components come from the specialist access range, which although they do not provide superlative features, they do provide guarantees of good performance.

Responsible for the pedal assistance system is Bosch. On the one hand we find a central electric motor model Performance Line, which yields the pertinent 250 W of power as well as 65Nm of torque. Secondly, the battery has a capacity of 500 Wh, a figure that is within the common in this price range, and with which the Stilus E-ST should be able to complete not too demanding routes with a full charge.

Stilus E-ST
Stilus E-ST.

Responsible for the suspension scheme at Suntour. In the front fork an XCR 34 with 130 millimeters of travel, while the central shock absorber is a Suntoru Raidon shock absorber, also with 130 millimeters of travel. The brake system is a Shimano MT4000 with 180-millimeter diameter discs, while the transmission is also provided by the Japanese specialist, with a Shimano Deore M4120 10-speed gearbox.

All of the above positions the Stilus E-ST as an appropriate model for those looking to start in the world of mountain biking, but who cannot opt ​​for top-brand double-suspension models due to budget. And it is that, let us remember, both by components and by concept, the Stilus E-ST is not intended to cover the upper end of the market, where the most radical enduro electric bikes are foundbut its mission is to serve both beginners and users with some previous experience.

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