This is Orbea’s latest e-mtb, an electric bicycle designed to adapt to demand

Orbea has presented what promises to be one of the most interesting electric mountain bikes in its entire catalogue, because both due to its location in its range and with respect to its rivals, it is one step above the models that make up the access step, providing substantial improvements with respect to these. They have named it Orbea Urrun, a Basque term that translates as ‘far’.

Considering its price (from 3,799 euros), the numbers and components on its technical sheet, and in accordance with other models of the brand as well as with the rest of the market offer, it is clear that Orbea has sought to satisfy the widest range of customers. possible, since they have sought to launch a model that It is sporty but at the same time simple, moving away from the radicalism of its older sisters.

In addition, the assisted pedaling scheme that takes place in the two assemblies that make up the Urrun series is manufactured by the renowned, with the electric motor SHIMANO STEPS EP8 as the protagonist, which helps the cyclist with up to 85 Nm of torque and the usual 250 W of nominal power that European regulations allow at most. Orbea makes an effort to highlight that for the Urrun they have calibrated the motor so that the electric assistance is as natural as possible.

Shimano STEPS EP8 on the Orbea Urrun.
Shimano STEPS EP8 on the Orbea Urrun.

The battery, for its part, will be 504 Wh as standard.e, while the brand will offer the option of opting for a 252 Wh battery extender to increase the total autonomy with a single charge, reaching up to 792 Wh, which should be enough for 8 hours of use, according to Orbea itself. .

The two assemblies, called Urrun 10 and Urrun 30, are articulated based on the same aluminum frame designed around the principle of a rigid geometry, so it is a type e-mtb hard tail. Adding to the already clean aesthetics of a bike of this type, we also find an internal cable routing system, a solution that more and more bike manufacturers are opting for.

Orbea Urrun.

In terms of components, the main difference between the two, in addition to the transmission, is found in the front fork, because while in the Urrun 30 we find a Fox 34 Float Performancethe Urrun 10 is equipped with a Marzocchi Bomber Z2, both with 120 millimeters of travel.

Regarding prices, the Orbea Urrun 10 starts at 3,799 euros before adding options such as the battery extender, while the top of the range does the same from exactly 1,000 euros more, with 4,799 euros of base rate. It is available in Leo-Orange, Borealis-Blue and Black-Glitter colors and in sizes S, M, L and XL.

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