This is how Triumph’s first electric motorcycle sounds, the radical Triumph TE-1

Triumph It is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers of all those that exist, and it will also be one of the first to make the leap to electric motorcycles. The TE-1 is the prototype that is supporting the development of the platform of electric motorcycles of the brand, and as the British firm has just announced, it has just completed its testing phase, presumably successfully.

The news has been made official by the firm itself through its website with a very brief statement, accompanying it with a video in which they let you hear the sound of the transmission and the electric motor of the TE-1, as well as letting you see it during barely a second in motion.

The brand commented: “Triumph’s TE-1 electric prototype, developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd, and WMG at the University of Warwick, has completed its fourth and final phase of the project: live testing” .

As the brand has commented, it will be the 12th of next July when they reveal all the information in more detail about the achievement of the objectives of this fourth phase of development.

Predictably, the electric platform that Triumph is developing together with the engineer Williams and the other companies mentioned, will give rise to several electric street motorcycles, although it is not ruled out that the prototype will directly give rise to a model, even if it is a short run.

Electric Triumph TE-1.
Electric Triumph TE-1.

Although the brand has not yet given concise details about the electrical diagram of the TE-1, there is one piece of information that Triumph has given that is very striking. And it is that the propellant that they are developing together with Comprehensive Power Train for its future electric motorcycles, it can yield a whopping figure of 500 kW of power, which represents 670 CV. It is true that the street model will not resort to a false power figure, since it is an electric motor with scalable power, although with the data they make its potential clear.

So, all that remains is to wait until next month to find out more about the electric TE-1, which promises to be the seed of a model that will be one of the first electric sports motorcycles from traditional manufacturers to hit the market. Only Harley-Davidson has been ahead of the British firm with the Livewire Onewhile BMW at the moment only sticks to electric scooters.

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