This is how the first electric muscle car sounds, the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept

We are at a turning point. the next generation of muscle cars It will mean a before and after in the American automobile planet. The large V8 engines will give way to 100% electric drives. All brands are already preparing their first units, although Dodge has been the first to deliver a functional prototype and sonorous. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept advances many design and technology concepts, including the fake sound it will emit from its exhaust system. electric. This is the first time we can hear it.

The honorable moment has taken place during the last hours of Monterey Car Week, one of the most exclusive events held in the United States. For the appointment Dodge had announced that he would come with something completely revolutionary. The American brand has already confirmed that its next generation of its muscle cars, the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger, will become 100% electric. A break from tradition that won’t say goodbye to all the muscle car basics that are a national heritage.

A few days ago we were able to see the Charger Daytona SRT Concept through the first images presented by Dodge. In the generous press kit, the American brand exposed a system of Fratzonic chamber exhaust. A revolutionary patent pending system that will replace the natural bellow of the muscle cars. Although many details have not been specified, although a sound capable of reaching 126 decibels capable of imitating the roar of the powerful 707-horsepower SRT Hellcat has been announced.

During the presentation ceremony we were able to discover that yes, despite being electric, the SRT Concept offers an atypical roar. A different bellow that offers tones similar to the current V8. The noise at “idle” and low speed stands out, but above all the thunderous scream when giving gas. The prototype has spared no noise, making it clear that going electric does not mean leaving behind one of the basic pillars of every muscle car: presence, power and noise.

Despite this, it is not the classic and natural exhaust sound of an naturally aspirated V8. The roar looks a lot more artificial, though as development is yet to be completed, we imagine it’s a prelude to what it’ll be able to deliver in production. Without a doubt, the most complicated thing will be synchronizing the noise with the throttle and the different driving modes. that can be offered. We will still have to wait a bit to see the final solution, as Dodge has announced that the electric Charger will not arrive before 2024.

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