This is how the electric Mercedes EQG is able to turn on itself, in the style of a tank

The electric Mercedes EQG will have one of the functionalities perhaps less necessary and at the same time more cool that an electric SUV can have. And it is that the future electric G-Class will be able to turn on itself, as if it were a tank, as we have seen in a video filtered by Drive.

At an event held last week by Mercedes-Benz, the German firm showed attendees a small video clip in which they previewed one of the most striking features of the future EQG: the turning or rotating on itself, as if it were a tank. The brand has seen fit to call this functionality ‘G-turn’ (literally translated as ‘turn of the G’), alluding to the name of the model itself.

This curious feature, which would not be possible in a car of this type if it were not for its electric condition, reveals in passing another very interesting fact about the Mercedes EQG. And it is that in order to carry out these pirouettes, it is necessary to use four electric motors. In other words, the video is confirmation that the electric Mercedes G-Class will have four independent electric motorsone acting on each wheel.

In order to make these turns, the motors on the right side rotate in one direction and the motors on the left side in the opposite direction. This allows the wheels on one side of the vehicle to turn in one direction and the wheels on the other side in the opposite direction, causing the vehicle to turn on its own axis. While it may provide some benefits on off-road tracks or in tight parking lots, it is not something that is recommended to be done frequently, and when it is done, always at low speed. Otherwise, you can become the best customer in the tire store.

The real advantage of a system like this is the possibility of having a torque vectoring with very precise control of the force that reaches the wheels, so that each wheel can have the necessary torque and at the exact moment thanks to the response of the electric motors and software management.

US automaker Rivian was one of the first to offer the “tank twist” on its electric pick-up, the Rivian R1T, which comes in versions with four electric motors and various battery options. Predictably, the Rivian R1S will also offer this functionality. It also allows you to move diagonally, known as “crab mode”, something that the electric Hummer also does.

The Mercedes EQG will have a high energy density silicon battery

We know that Mercedes has registered the names EQG 560 and EQG 580, which suggests that there will be at least two variants of the model. At the moment we do not know the technical characteristics of each of them, so we do not know if both will have four electric motors or there will be versions with fewer engines to reduce consumption and increase autonomy.

Although the Mercedes EQG is not expected to reach the range of its more efficient siblings, the EQS and EQE, the German firm will use novel technology to reduce the weight and size of the battery. The Mercedes EQG will debut a battery with silicon anode, which will offer greater energy density than the current ones. Thanks to silicon anode technology, the EQG battery will have a energy density close to 800 Wh/l, between 20 and 40% more than the batteries used by Mercedes in its current electrics.

The electric G-Class will maintain the square shape of its bodywork, a characteristic that identifies it at first glance from its origins to the present day. It will also retain the off-road qualities that have made the G-Class an automotive legend. The new electric EQG is scheduled to hit the market in 2024.

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