This is Bugatti’s electric scooter: almost 1 CV of power and 35 km of autonomy

Not everything has been news about electric cars and prototypes that have occurred in the CES that has been held in Las Vegas these days ago, but there has also been time for vehicles with a lower technological load and, above all, more affordable for the general public. One of the firms that has been responsible for this type of novelty has been Bugatti, who have presented their particular electric scooter.

It is not, however, an electric scooter whose development has been the result of the work of Bugatti engineers. Like many other manufacturers, the French firm has chosen to rely on a specialist in the field of last-mile electric mobility such as Bytech International. This is a common way of proceeding in car and motorcycle manufacturers to expand their catalog of accessories. SEAT, for example, did the same with Segway and its electric scooters, just as Lancia turned to MT Distribution to launch the Ypsilon E-Scooter, among many others.

Among the most striking data of Bugatti’s electric scooter is the power of its electric motor, since the propeller will yield a power of 700 W, which is almost 1 CV (0.93 CV to be more exact). This means that the electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, although by the time it breaks commercially in Europe the maximum speed will be limited to 25 kilometers per hour that the regulations allow in our continent (if it ends up being marketed here) .

Bugatti electric scooter.

Bugatti electric scooter.

Its electrical scheme is based around a battery that works with a nominal voltage of 36 V and that with a full charge will be able to take the scooter to have a range of 22 miles, as announced by Bugatti at CES, which transferred to the European metric suppose 35 kilometers of autonomy.

In terms of equipment, it will have an electronic ABS system through its electric motor, as well as three different driving modes (Economy, City and Sport) and a cruise control function. It is articulated around an aluminum frame that gives it a final weight of 15.5 kilos, while its load capacity rises to 110 kilos.

It will be available in three different colors, among them the most typical color is the manufacturer’s sports, the French racing blue that on this occasion they have called Agile Blue. The other two colors are silver and black.

Bugatti electric scooter

Bugatti electric scooter.

Aesthetically, the most striking aspect of the Ducati electric scooter is focused on the section of the illumination. Its rear brake light is made up of a characteristic LED strip, and under it the Bugatti logo is projected on the ground, made up of the initials “EB” of the firm’s founder, Ettore Bugatti.

At the moment the firm has not given details about marketing dates or its price, although it is expected to be around 800 euros, judging by its characteristics and other electric scooters with a similar approach, such as the Audi e-scooter and its 849 euros price in Spain.

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