This interesting video shows us how the Honda Prologue EV has been designed

As consumers we are used to seeing only the final product, but the development of a car takes hundreds of thousands of hours of work behind it. The mechanical, technological and aesthetic parts consume time and resources, but everything is to create more advanced and attractive cars. Now, thanks to an interesting video provided by Honda, we know how the entire design process of the new Honda Prologue EV has beena very important car in the company’s plans.

The video starts with a little nod to the Honda-e. The electric urban introduced the Japanese in a new segment, that of the electric ones. Although its sales are far from meeting targets, the e has served to show the world Honda’s new strategy. Those in Tokyo not only want to embrace electric mobility, they also want to offer new models and new designsas we can well see in the case of the Honda Prologue.

It is a global model, so we will also see it in Spain. Big plans weigh on him, as Honda has stated that it expects to produce more than 70,000 units a year. The development has been shared with General Motors partners. The Americans will provide the Ultium platform for electric cars, in addition to taking charge of the production of the SUV at its plant in Mexico. The Japanese take care of the rest, from technical development to visuals.

The creative process starts on paper, but quickly explores new worlds and realities. Clay is still indispensable for the creation of full-scale models, but if we add 3D scanners, designers can access every part of the car long before it has been manufactured. In the video we can see how the designers scan the entire Prologue EV, and through virtual reality glasses they can contemplate their creation, and even touch it.

With this advanced process it is possible to optimize every detail of the car without waiting for the parts to be manufactured. Ergonomics or accessibility issues can be detected early on, saving manufacturers a lot of time and resources. Honda is used to offering well thought out and practical cars. The Prologue EV will have an electrical mechanics of which we still do not know a lot of data, but it will still be a Honda, and that is a guarantee of having done things well. Its presentation is still far away, we will know it next year, although it will not be until 2024 when it lands on the markets.

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