This Ferrari Testa Rossa J is fully electric and will be auctioned in the coming days

The Little Car Company, a British company dedicated to reproducing fully functional vehicles on scale and with an official license, will bring a unit of its Fully electric Ferrari Testa Rossa J to the Bonhams Quail Auction, which will take place at the end of this month in Pebble Beach.

This model is based on the Ferrari Testa Rossa that participated in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1958. Under its stylized body there is a small electric motor that can move this replica at different speeds, depending on what is chosen by its driver. . The vehicle has a single seat in its passenger compartment, since its reduced dimensions do not allow a space for a second passenger. A year ago they already presented a first unit based on the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa.

The model is presented as a 75% complete replicasince the company that created this scale electric car has had to take certain licenses as it is a small model with an interior with a single seat. The white exterior decoration with the double blue stripe and the number 22 decorating its four flanks are an exact recreation The one that assembled the original Ferrari Testa Rossa to which it replicates, the so-called “Lucybelle II” from 1958.

It has been manufactured through the original plans and drawings of Ferrari

The electric Ferrari Testa Rossa J, licensed by the firm of the Prancing Horse, will have a limited edition of 299 units. During the upcoming Pebble Beach auction, the company ensures that all the profits obtained will go to “The Pebble Beach Company Foundation”, which is responsible for donating large sums of money to meet the needs of children in Monterey County, such as their education and food.

This small electric vehicle has been made from hand-beaten aluminum panels, another way of paying homage to the original model of the last century. For it The drawings and plans used by the Italian brand in its conception have been usedwhich have been provided to The Little Car Company by the Ferrari Classiche department, which is responsible for the maintenance of the brand’s historic cars.

The materials of your cabin are top quality

during the auction the electric model is expected to fetch a total sum of between $90,000 and $120,000, which will be done without reserve price. Although it is true that it is intuited as a fairly high figure since it is a scale model, its craftsmanship and everything it represents hope that it will be decisive in its award.

Regarding its mechanics, the car incorporates a small electric motor of 48 volts and a maximum power of 12 kW. This will have four driving modes in which it will deliver more or less power and, as a consequence, it will run more or less. Its four modes are: Beginner mode (1 kW and 24 km/h), Comfort mode (4 kW and 40 km/h), Sport mode (10 kW and 80 km/h) and, finally, Career mode (12 kW and 80 km/h). This electric motor is powered by three battery modules that provide around 90 kilometers of autonomy. Along with this, it presents independent suspensions and disc brakes on all four wheels, which are 12 inches and are made by hand.

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