This electric bike has everything to not look like an electric bike

While many manufacturers want to hide the electric status of their bikes, State Bicycle have tried to remove every trace of this quality in the first one that launches to the market. At a time when standing out from the rest can be the difference between achieving goals and not doing so, the intention of this American manufacturer is that the eBike Commuter 6061 pass almost unnoticed as such, although It has an electrical system. that assists the cyclist when he needs extra power.

State Bicycle is not a newcomer to the bicycle industry, although it does make its debut with the eBike Commuter 6061 when it comes to electrics. Its first single-speed urban models, known in 2000 as fixie (or fixed gear), were quite successful in the market and were accompanied by a more diversified offer, with road and gravel bikes. Now it’s time for electrification.

But that doesn’t mean the Arizona-based company is breaking away from its classic designs. So much so that the 6061 eBike Commuter looks a lot like (and is almost indistinguishable from) the conventional 6061. This is a simple and affordable electric bike that looks and rides very similar to a traditional city bike, but packs extra power thanks to the electrical system fitted to it.

State Bicycle eBike Commuter 6061 electric bike-indoor1
The electric motor of the eBike Commuter 6061 is practically hidden in the rear wheel hub.

The first thing that catches your eye (or just the opposite) is the 6061 aluminum frame with a matte black finish that prioritizes practicality over shine. Its matt opaque appearance adds an extra discretion to the bike. Just like he did with his original fixies, State has kept things simple on this electric bike, entrusting the drivetrain to a motor located in the rear wheel hub, which is practically imperceptible to the eye. It works at 36 volts and it pays a power of 250 W. is accompanied by a lithium battery manufactured by LG with a capacity of 360Wh which is perfectly integrated into the down tube. It is capable of providing enough energy to travel with it 160 kilometers as long as the support level stays at the lowest of the five it offers. If more is demanded of the system, autonomy can drop to 30-40 kilometers that can be traversed at level 5. Although it doesn’t look like it, the battery can be removed from the bike to facilitate charging or to do it directly mounted on it through a connector integrated in the tube and very well hidden in approximately three and a half hours.

The 6061 eBike’s down tube is a bit thicker than it would be on a non-assist bike, and that’s probably the only differentiating trait that State has allowed itself, as the rest of the design is kept fairly understated. Added to this condition is the darkening treatment of the materials, combining matt black paint with black wheels and components. The brake discs of the wheels and the screen integrated in the handlebar are the only components with bright colors and are placed distant from each other.

State Bicycle eBike Commuter 6061 electric-indoor bike2
Connector for recharging the battery of the eBike Commuter 6061.

even that LCD screen and its controller mounted on the handlebars can easily be mistaken for a cycle computer. From it, and using the thumb, it is possible to activate the assistance system. It also allows you to switch between assist modes and view essential information (assist level, battery life, mileage, speed, warnings, etc.).

Like other State bikes, the 6061 eBike allows for some customization, so customers can add their own style by changing the color of the pedals and water bottle holders.

State Bicycle eBike Commuter 6061 electric bike-indoor3
From the controller of the eBike Commuter 6061 and using the thumb, it is possible to activate the assistance system and consult the essential information through the LCD screen.

The total weight of the eBike Commuter 6061 is 17.6 kilograms in the case of the medium frame size (there are three available) that although it does not correspond to an ultralight bicycle, it is within the parameters for a pleasant and manageable ride. On the US website of Bycicle the advertised price is $1,499. The first units will be delivered there at the end of this month. For now, the bicycle does not appear as available in the version of the website for the European Union.

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